It’s patch day for Allods Online and the new Wind of Change expansion is now live. Starting today, players can test their skill in 30v30 PvP by taking on others in the Scarlet Bastion. Bigger PvP challenges await players with the Dominion system, which has undergone some significant changes to level the playing field, allowing guild champions of the same level of skill to face each other with less of a random thrashing delivered by the previous system.

In addition to new PvP fun, Wind of Change also adds the option to change your class and preserve your equipment progress with the Core Morpher, new Astral mounts, a revamped mail system, and more. Read the Wind of Change patch notes for a full rundown of the latest content additions and changes.

There’s more out today than just Winds of Change. The Winter holiday event is also coming later this month, but for now, you can join the Loot 4 Boot contest for a chance to have Goblin Santa reward you with a magical Fairy Looter. All you need to do to enter is to take a picture of your boot or shoe (Best not to ask why in these situations) and submit it to the NA Allods Facebook page. EU players can add their submissions here. Be sure to include your character's name and server. Full details and submission guidelines are available here.

Source: Allods Online Winds of Change Launch Announcement, Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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