World of Tanks Brings Extra Destruction

I've never quite understood World of Tanks, but it transpires its destructible scenery is receiving a significant update.

Over on the official website a Developer Diary discussing physics has gone live, with the overall discussion revolving around the fact that for the past 12 months the World of Tanks team has been working on significantly improving destructibility. Now, rather than buildings simply degrading to a pre-defined state when attacked, they'll now crumble and collapse based on the damage they received.

The system developed is pretty clever as not only do buildings collapse based on where you hit it, but also what type of shell hits it. Armor piercing shells for example will blast holes through buildings, while standard explosive shells will see it blown to pieces. Other changes as a result of these improvements include items on your tank moving realistically and the wheels of tanks reacting properly to the terrain. Take a look at the video below to learn more.

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