Video of the Day: Hands-on with WildStar at E3

Watch over the shoulder as someone from Guild Umbra plays WildStar at E3. Added bonus: you get to make fun of him and feel superior.
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Hey there, Cupcake!

If you're not cool enough to be able to go to events like E3 (we are, and we've just released our Best of E3 Awards), you can at least peer over the shoulder of a guy from Guild Umbra as he tests WildStar for the first time. And, if you're impatient like me, you can also yell at him (it's futile, but somehow cathartic) to get it together already and just go kill something, for the love of...

Anyhow, watch the video.

That dude's annoying, right? But still, you got a glimpse of WildStar character creation, and you watched three blue space caribou die a violent death and then be consumed by vultures. (That's cool, innit?) You also got to feel superior, knowing that you'll play so much better and figure things out so much quicker than the guy in the video. All in all, not a bad 10 minutes.

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