Q&A with Mike Hampden

If you're tired of the slow, tedious, methodical grind of many modern MMOs, the upcoming massively multiplayer third person slasher (MMOTPS) Fury may be the game for you! Recently, we had a chance to ask some questions of Mike Hampden, Content Designer for Auran Games - the developers of Fury. Below you'll find both the questions and his answers, which all focus around the player character and advancement in the world of Fury.

The number of abilities a player will start with is limited. We've done it this way so that new players aren't overwhelmed by a massive amount of different abilities when they begin the game. As for competing in PvP, thanks to our match-making system, players will be matched against opponents of similar skill (player skill) and experience (in-game rank). This ensures that battles are always fair, competitive, and most of all: Fun.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016