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Three bits of news to kick off your Comic-Con weekend. First, the makers of Lord of the Rings Online confirm that they're working on a console MMO, all or most of your Aion PvP questions answered in our first Q&A live from San Diego Comic-Con, and could CME, makers of Stargate Worlds, be down to their last hurrah? We'll review today's news in today's Loading... Comic-Con Kicks Off.

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Three worthy bits of news to close out the week, but tune into our San Diego Comic-Con portal over the weekend for a constant stream of updates from the event.

It's official: Turbine confirms they are, in fact, developing a console MMO, meaning that the console devs they've been hiring weren't just part of an elaborate ruse. Console MMOs are proving to be a handful, though. Age of Conan and Champions Online both had X360 versions planned with no console-ation in sight, nor have we seen much in the way of release dates on the PS3 side. But Phantasy Star Online and Final Fantasy XI proved that it can be done, so we'll watch and wait to see what happens with Turbine's foray into lean-forward gaming.

Rumors of PvP prevalence in Aion proved partially true, as our man Cody Bye got with Aion producer Brian Knox for some straight talk about Aion PvP. If I understand correctly, much of the endgame revolves around the three tiers of the Abyss, but players can complete Abyss objectives and gain decent endgame items through PvE. But while its relatively painless to switch between PvP and PvE (Aion's concept of PvPvE comes to mind), you won't be able to avoid open PvP entirely. I'm not opposed to PvP - in many ways that's the direction MMOs have been going in for quite a while now - I just hope the game smoothly transitions players into a PvP mindset, instead of setting things up as "what a lovely PvE game, let me stop to admire the cascading waterfa... ::gank::".

Finally, on a more somber note, MMORPG.com is reporting that CME has until August 1st to raise more money or lose the Stargate Worlds license. I'm not sure what to feel about this. I want to see Stargate Worlds made, who doesn't? But many indy developers have done far more with far less than what CME had to work with. Here's hoping that the IP and the good people still working on the game find a good home, should things fall through.

Share your thoughts on this hectic week in MMO news in the Loading... forum, then have yourself a great weekend!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our Fallen Earth News & Articles Discussion forum

Fallen Earth Announces Release Date

Get out your tinfoil hats!

it coincidental  that a post-apocalyptic MMOG should announce a
launch date of  September 9--in other words, 09-09-09? What if
they launch at 9 a.m., making their launch date and time 09:00 on
09-09-09? Get out your tinfoil hats, folks; it's post-apocalyptic party
time doomsday style! I mean, surely the world will end because our
earthly date system happens to align with a bunch of zeros and nines.
(But just where does this date fall on the Mayan calendar?)

All wonky theories aside (and yeah, I'm just playin'), announcing a release date seems a fine way to kick off our new Fallen Earth forum. Stop in and join the fun.

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

"Savy and I collided on this one." - Martuk

"Sounds sexy." - AngryBeaver

"It was. Martuk gives good news." - Savanja

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