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Have you ever thought something was going to be cheap and in the end
it cost you a bundle? Microtransactions can be like that. Sure, the
game is Free 2 Play, but does that really mean it's going to be free?
Today we take a look at the lure of microtransactions and see what can
possibly make F2P cost more than your average subscription in
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Here are today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. target="_blank">World of Warcraft
  2. Star
    Trek Online
    (UP 9)
  3. Dungeons and
    Dragons Online
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  4. EverQuest 2
  5. Age
    of Conan

Biggest movers this month:

  1. Torchlight
    (UP 20 to #14)
  2. Dragon
    Age: Origins
    (UP 6 to #11)
  3. Star
    Trek Online
    (UP 6 to #10)
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I was in Las Vegas for 19 days last month and this month I'm eating
Ramen Noodles. I don't dislike Ramen Noodles, but I haven't had to
resort to them as my primary sustenance since college. You see, I
figured if I didn't gamble much and went to cheap buffets, it would be
a cheap trip. I was wrong.

Not unlike my trip, I was also wrong about thinking
F2P/microtransaction games would be cheaper than a subscription model.
I couldn't possibly spend more than 15 dollars a month on in-game
cosmetics, potions, and other fun things, could I? Well, I'm here to
tell you that I certainly can, and have, and I may have to go back to
subscription model games just to save money.

Now I'm sure it's possible to play these games on a budget, but I'm
an impulse buyer. I like cool shiny things and the trap, at least for
me, is that they're so cheap. Three dollars for a top hat for my
character? That's nothing! I'll buy that and a tuxedo. The problem
comes in when the novelty wears off and I open the marketplace again an
hour later to find something else that would be fun to play around with.

Free Realms
cost me about $45 for the week that I played it. Aside from the fact
that there's something disturbing about a 32-year-old bachelor playing
with virtual puppies, the marketplace just had too many cool things
that I really wanted for my toon. I had to stop playing it because I
simply couldn't keep up with the cost. Most people with an ounce of
self-control may be able to make the venture a little less expensive
than my run, but I will say that if I had children that were anything
like me, I sure wouldn't want them playing it lest I had to take out a
second mortgage to cover the cost of particle effects for my kids'
giant spatulas.

I don't even want to tell you how much I spent on EverQuest's
Legends of Norrath card game. I got hooked the first deck I bought when
I got a loot card that gave my EQ2 assassin red glowing eyes. Since
then I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on packs of cards trying
to get other new cool loot cards. To this day I still haven't played a
single match of the actual Legends of Norrath game. But I have
thousands of cards if I ever do want to play.

I've been playing DDO
lately and I've really enjoyed it. But it, too, can get expensive. The
marketplace has lots of cool stuff to keep your character decked out.
The biggest cost so far has been the gold ticket hirelings. If you buy
the gold ticket version from the DDO store you can summon more than one
hireling at a time. So I always have a full group, whether or not my
friends are online. They're not crazily expensive at my level yet but
the costs are starting to add up.

I will fully admit that I'm probably more of an easy target as a
consumer when it comes to microtransactions than most. But I can't
imagine that I'm alone in my guilty pleasures. Even if only one out of
every ten players are like me games like Free Realms would be making
far more money on their models than triple A subscription games. Of
course no publishers are willing to share their profit reports with the
public, so we don't really have an accurate idea yet if these games are
indeed more profitable than other models. But if we take a look at how
many games are now looking into going this route, or adding in some
form of microtransaction markets, we can say with utmost certainty that
there is some money in it. I've said it before - it wouldn't surprise
me at all if we saw more games go to F2P/microtransactions in the very
near future and start turning away from the old $15/month model. It
just seems like smart business to me.

Despite the fact that it's cost me more than I bargained for, I will
continue playing these games and buying their shop items. It's fun. I
enjoy it. I will probably have to start setting myself a budget but I
won't be quitting any time soon. Tell me I'm not alone. Confess your
reckless spending href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=48001">in the

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