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James Cameron's "Avatar", besides messing with the title of an excellent Nickolodeon animation series, has a lot of people believing in the promise of 3-D again. But for 3-D to touch on not just the mood but the mechanics of games, the concept has quite a big hurdle to overcome. We'll examine the hardware catch-22 in today's Loading... Gadgetized, Marginalized.


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Almost everyone I've talked to that has seen "Avatar" has been impressed with the visual effects, if not the drawn-out, hyper- hippie, modern-humans-are-nothing-but-a-smudge-upon-idyllic-nature plot. I was certainly impressed with how far 3D has come from the days of the red-and-blue cardboard glasses, but I'll agree that most of the 3D wow value came in the opening shorts. Preceding the movie were several high-relief action sequences which had more than a few people in the audience flinching. These showed the promise of 3D from nothing more than polarized lenses (a far cry from the weighty active-shutter Nvidia 3D Vision headgear you'd need to buy to enable games like WoW or Batman: Arkham Asylum for 3D, assuming you have all the required hardware).

We've discussed 3D in Loading... before, but I bring it up because, thanks largely to "Avatar," the concept seemed to be all the rage this year at CES. Sony, always looking for an edge in the console war, introduced a couple 3D demo levels for PlayStation 3, and they were fairly well received. That is, well-received from an atmosphere or immersiveness standpoint. More than one editorial notes that 3-D doesn't really impact gameplay, nor could it until the hardware got good enough and cheap enough to justify creating AAA games based solely on its use.

And this is the hardware catch-22: developers can't produce games where 3-D matters until gamers have the hardware to make it 3-D, and most gamers won't buy 3-D hardware until developers produce games that make it worthwhile. It's not an impossible gap to overcome; Guitar Hero and the Wii showed that gamers will buy a hardware / software bundle if the price (and idea) is right.

The big, huge, scary obstacle to pervasive 3-D is that gamers need three components (a high refresh rate monitor / TV, a compatible graphics card, and active-shutter glasses that can be tuned to the monitor's refresh rate). Only the graphics card is becoming standard equipment any time soon. Whittle that requirement down to active-shutter glasses bundled with a game and we might actually have something here.

So, whether you think 3-D is the next big thing in gaming or just a novelty, high refresh rate monitor / TV adoption rate is really the heart of the matter. 3-D works by interposing a frame that is "shot" at a different angle with every other frame. In order to allow the game to interject those sidelong frames and create a smooth 3D effect while preserving the kind of quality we're used to in games, 120 Hz is the 3-D standard for monitors and TVs, and you'll have to have premium hardware to match.

Problem is, 120 Hz is fairly new (and hella pricey) for flatscreen monitors and TVs. But, interestingly, as Machail explained to me the other day, CRT monitors typically have much higher framerates (typically more than 100 Hz) than LED monitors to eliminate flicker. So if you're using a older CRT driven by a fairly high-end video card, you might be better primed for the (possible?) 3-D revolution than gamers with flatscreen monitors.

3-D is a fun topic, but one with limited value for MMO gamers. Much of the real innovation in gaming is happening in the so-called casual games sector, where games like Braid and World of Goo will truly mess with your head (in a good way). I see much more room for 3-D application in games where developers are less afraid to mess with your playstyle than in the traditional MMORPG, but what do you think? Share your 3-D thoughts in the
, and we'll put on our glasses to respond!

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