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Star Trek Online open beta
begins today and gamers around the world are furiously downloading and
patching the game as we speak (or rather, as I type and you read). It's
the biggest party since New Year's Eve. But is it the kind of party you
want to go to? We take a look at open beta; the perks, and some of the
downsides today in Loading... Last Stop Before Launch.

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are today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. World
    of Warcraft
  2. Star Trek Online
    (UP 11)
  3. Lord of the
    Rings Online
    (UP 1)
  4. Dungeons and
    Dragons Online
    (down 2)
  5. EVE Online

movers today

  1. Jumpgate
    (UP 6 to #19)
  2. Vanguard:
    Saga of Heroes
    (down 2 to #13)
  3. Aion
    (down 1 to #6)
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Open betas are sort of the final arc in a party just before the grand
climax, after which folks tend to start clearing out and going home.
It's a fun time, but if you were in closed beta you may notice a real
shift in the mood of the party. It's starting to get a little loud,
there's some obnoxious people lurking about, there's pizza everywhere
and there are couples making out in several corners. Well, ok, maybe
less making out and more pew pew, but you get the idea. Besides, you
probably don't really want to
see a Klingon and Cardassian making out in the corner anyway... unless
you're one of those types.

Me, I'm not a fan of open betas. Open beta is usually around the time I
start packing up my things and get ready to head out. I think it's
mainly due to the reason listed above--the mood of beta has changed,
and there are suddenly a ton more people around. Closed beta tends to
be a fairly small, quiet group, and you get to know the folks you play
with. Once open beta hits, all bets are off and public chat channels
become filled with the standard open beta commentary. It's usually the
same script every time, just a different theme.

"Where's the AH?"

"There is none. This is [Star Trek, Conan, Middle Earth, etc]. It's
called a [broker, auctioneer, world market, etc] here."

"lol. why does evry1 think is wow?"

"omg, I can't believe i got the name cappppptine kyurk [connann,
billlboe, etc]. I thought it'd be taken for sure."

"real original. Go back to wow."

"can any1 make me new armor?"

"this game sucks. it's never going to make it past launch."

etc, etc.

You've been there, you know how it goes. It really is the same thing
over and over, no matter what the game. And to be honest, it bores me a
little, and annoys me a lot. So I head out around open beta time, and
just wait for launch, which is the climax of the party anyway. Launch
has a little different feel than open beta simply because during open
beta, everyone with an internet connection logs into the game, many of
whom are already embittered or otherwise predetermined that the game
has no redeeming value whatsoever. These are the kinds of folks you see
who log in, take three hours to do the first quest, and spend the rest
of their time with the game minimized or typing furiously in public
channels in an effort to fight their own crusade to convince players
everywhere that they should not be playing. Then they post their
"reviews" on their blog and tell all their friends that they're
experienced MMO players and their opinion is worth something. Yes,
these are but a few of the many types of people you'll run into in open

That all said, I do recognize the importance of open beta. Not only
from a technical point of view as kind of a last chance to fix up what
you can before launch, and test server load, but also from the hype
factor. If your game's href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/giveaways/sto_beta">open beta key
giveaways are out of keys in, oh say, 4-8 hours after going up, you
know there's a good bit of buzz going for the game. Those in open beta
will also work for you by word-of-mouth. That's a double edged sword
though. If they enjoy it, they'll convince their friends to buy it. If
they don't, they'll convince otherwise potential clients that it's not
worth their time.

In the end though, open beta really is about only one thing. A chance
to try new games free. And isn't that what really matters? Let us know href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=48936">in the

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Long Have You Been Gaming

To quote one of our forum regulars, Kralle, there's "nothing wrong
with necroing this topic." Indeed, the topic in question is so old
that, were it a corpse, it would look like something from the cast
of "Thriller" by now. Nonetheless, we all love to talk about our
individual gaming histories. Go vote in the poll, then href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=22046">tell us
how long you've been a gamer.


Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

"For me it all started in the arcades in the very early 80's.
Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, I was playing most of those when I
could barely reach the controls without a stool. Except for Asteroids.
We had one of those sweet tabletop cabinets at our local arcade for
that one.

- Landric


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