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The Matrix Online will join Tabula Rasa and Shadowbane as as the list of MMORPGs cancelled in 2009 continues to grow. We'll remember the best and worst of MxO and consider what other MMOs might be on the chopping block this year in Loading... MxO Jacks Out.

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Time for our Friday bad news segment (this is several weeks straight I believe despite some good news about Free Realms earlier in the week - nature loves a balance). Last night, Matrix Online players received an email that stated that SOE would suspend "commercial service" as of June 1st, and discontinue MxO entirely on July 31st. Most could see it coming, since the game hasn't received an patch nor has the community received word of an upcoming patch since Update 66 in February.

Despite more or less redefining the idea of live events - for a time GMs and players were running events on almost a weekly basis - and it's status as perhaps the longest lasting niche game in the MMO market, MxO's unfortunately become the butt of many a joke in the past few years. Whether that was due to the game's insular community, stodgy accessilbility for new players, lackluster missions, that the game was tied heavily to a movie franchise that fizzled out in 2003, the lack of a decent marketing push after the SOE acquisition, or maybe just the fact that just about every SOE fan event we attended had stacks of MxO copies that SOE couldn't give away (first rule of salesmanship: create the perception of value), I don't know. Probably a combination of these factors.

What I do know is that it's always sad to see a game discontinued, and if the 6 pages of SOE-targetted vitriol attached to this post are any indication, the community is none too happy either. I don't recall seeing quite this level of anger towards NCSoft when the Tabula Rasa announcement was made. People do love to hate SOE, and I have to wonder how much longer the sometime flashpoint of that hate, Star Wars Galaxies, has to last. That the latest retail SWG box released last year was subtitled: "The Complete Online Adventures" could be telling. Fortunately, the original legacy of SWG at least is secure in projects like SWGemu.

So Matrix Online will take its place in the great Brad McQuaid parking lot in the sky, joining Tabula Rasa, Shadowbane. and who's to say what other MMORPGs are on the chopping block this year? You are. Let's hear your picks for the next MMO to get the axe in the Loading... forum. Or feel free to email me.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our WoW: News Discussion Forum

New Druid forms! OMGOMGOMG!!!

A bear is a bear is a...hey, wait a second!

was a time when World of Warcraft druids lost their individuality the
moment they went into forms, but that time is soon coming to an end.
Says Blizzard:

"In our next major content patch, druids will find a host of new
textures for two major forms, cat and bear. There will be five
different designs for each of these forms for the Horde and Alliance.
Night elves can choose to change their cat and bear look at any time by
visiting the barber shop and changing their character's hair color,
while tauren will be able to change which look they use by switching
skin tones in the barber shop -- a new feature for tauren in the next
major content patch."

See, kids? One quick trip to the barber shop and you're a whole new bear...or a much cooler cat.

druids have been waiting for this for a long time, and now there's much
rejoicing on our forum. If you're among the druidly (or you're just
sick of seeing the same ol' bears and cats), come join us.

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

"I'm sorry, but I think I hear something in the distance. Sounds like...the Hallelujah Chorus? HECK YES! "

- Lunais

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