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For the Aion playtest this weekend, I rolled Asmodae, which is Aion's "evil" race but is arguably far too pretty to be evil. What makes a race evil? Have we lost something from the early days of MMO gaming? Or did we trade in evil races for evil individuals - i.e. griefers - and guilds. Thoughts on what makes a villain (or a villainous race) you can live with in today's Loading... Purest Evil.

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For my third venture into Aion this weekend, I rolled Asmodaen. This is Aion's "evil" race, though Asmodae only look marginally evil (despite my best efforts, my character looks like a casting reject from a bad off-Broadway production of Cats with a nasty nail infection). They do say evil sounding things like "Blood for blood!", have a few evil-for-the-heck-of-it missions, and (judging by the ruins everywhere) certainly got the ass-end of the stick when the Tower of Eternity did its shattering bit, but these guys aren't evil in a Death Knight or Chaos sort of way. So far.

What makes a race evil-feeling? I've played a few, but unlike a lot of MMO players I know (and a few on the Ten Ton Hammer staff) I never had any real inclination to pick an evil alignment. The pickens are fairly slim, anyway. The Horde in WoW really aren't "evil" - the Forsaken, the Orcs, and the Trolls just got dealt a bad hand, and the Tauren were a victim of geography. In LotRO, outside of monster play, you can't roll a baddie, and the same could be said for DDO. Age of Conan did a good job of making even good players feel evil - what with the head-lopping and the horrid anatomy-class experiments rising from pools of boiling blood. City of Villains's reason for being is to make players into villains, but its the sort of megalomaniacal villainy that's more comical than mischievious or cruel. And in most cases, that's the kind of comfortable evil you'll find, because (I hope) no one is deranged enough to want to play Pol Pot Online, slaughtering your daily quota of defenseless Cambodians.

I have to reach back to the Iksar of EverQuest to recall a race that really felt evil. It wasn't for anything that the Iksar did, at least outside the lore, but the venomous kill-on-sight way they were treated by every freaking NPC anywhere - good or "evil" - until you could do enough quests and kill grinding to raise your faction standing to a respectable level. A few Iksar did manage to reach the more common level-up areas and were instantly popular for their hardships. It was almost a surprise when they turned out to be nice guys, enamored as we once were with our races (not in a role-play sort of way... well, maybe, kind-of). I bought water and food (remember when you had to constantly stave off hunger and thirst?), and bandages for more than one, since they often couldn't show their face in town. I never played an Iksar character with any real conviction, but I assume that that "your kind aren't welcome here" has a kind of Drizzt Do'Urdin appeal that makes you feel innately evil, then asks you what you want to do with that prejudice and maybe your racial predisposition.

But in the end, it probably takes a sandbox-style game - an EVE Online or Darkfall or Mortal Online - to allow players a decent measure of evilness. From the constant gray-ganking to the monthly banking scandal, the evils take many forms and are surprisingly evil in real world kinds of ways. Still, I find myself hoping that the choices you make in a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic will come along and provide that sense of good ol' fashioned story-driven evil, rather than today's more common griefer-esque form of evil alignment.

What makes a character or race evil? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum, or as always feel free to email me.

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