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A freemium and a free-to-play title are making waves across the Internet today as The Chronicles of Spellborn officially launches and SOE, maker of Free Realms, frees the media and fans to begin sharing their impressions. We'll offer our take on these two decidedly different MMO experiences, plus links to new Ten Ton Hammer guides and articles, real world news, and our daily epic forum thread in today's Loading... Spellborn Comes to America

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Two items especially worthy of note today. First up, David Perry said that Acclaim would launch Chronicles of Spellborn when it was ready, and the egg timer must have gone off yesterday. After a four month head start for Europe, The Chronicles of Spellborn has officially launched for North and South America, the UK, and a handful of micro markets including Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina - talk about some hardcore PvP action.

I'll echo the sentiments of this post dated from the Euro launch of Spellborn: "Low hype is a refreshing change. NO hype is scary." This is beyond a soft launch: no characters were wiped from any later stage of the NA beta, there's zero retail blitz, no interview series leading up to launch anywhere, no invitation to run previews and reviews concurrent with launch, no real evidence of an NDA for months, and no ads anywhere. Marketing costs money, of course, and it's easy to do too much, but marketing is also informational in nature and, compared to making the game, fairly easy to make money with.

Despite that, you have every reason to try Chronicles of Spellborn. And here's one reason that will appeal to everyone: TCoS is launching with a free two-week trial. The game itself is "freemium" with three zones of complete freedom (no level restrictions, guild restrictions, etc.) and your subscription buys you the rest of the game. Fears that Acclaim would transform the game into a true free-to-play in the style of all their other published titles (with micro-transactions, etc.) were never realized.

Fantasy die-hards and lore-lovers have plenty to enjoy in Spellborn if they can just break free of present conceptions of combat and the affinity for dwarves, elves, orcs, and so on as playable races. You'll have your choice of human and daevi races, with daevi being a demonoid race, and you'll find combat to be a good deal more active and positional than other MMOs. The world of Spellborn drew me in like no other MMO in recent memory - the setting is completely different than anything you've experienced but not in an uncomfortable (dare I say) post-apocalyptic way. Bottom line, if you want to try out a completely new MMO experience this weekend, you should give Spellborn a shot, especially since it'll cost you nothing.

Another title that's making waves is Free Realms, and with NDA drop yesterday we a preview and an opinion article just for you. By all accounts, SOE has created a lighthearted game for (though it's becoming a cliché) kids of all ages that nearly overwhelms you with fun mini-games and other things to do. We've all heard of this mythical game that husbands and boyfriends can play with their wives and girlfriends as well as with the kids, but it's our opinion that SOE has finally nailed it.

Why does Spellborn appeal (or not appeal) to you? How about Free Realms? The Loading... forum is your soapbox, or send me an email!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our Articles, News and Events Discussion forum

Coyote Humor: Piracy and YOU

President Obama may be kicking Somali pirate ass,
but when it comes to software piracy the ass whoopin's are few and far
between. Ten Ton Hammer's resident humorist, Coyote, asserts that
it's really just too easy these days for assiduous and assertive
pirates to assemble vast assortments of illegally amassed goodies such
as software and movies. (And yes, I really was trying to see how many
times I could work "ass" into a single paragraph. I count 8. Coyote
would be so proud.)

Coyote claims that the ease of piracy is cutting into our geek
mystique."It used to be that your average geek had access to the
underground and could find things that most mortals never knew
he writes in Wednesday's It's All Geek to Me column. "And now just about anyone can simply turn on their computer, go to a
file sharing site, and without any skill or ability download the latest
movie, song or copy of a popular video game already cracked and ready
to go."

not only is piracy ruining what was once geek domain, Coyote believes
it's causing movie and development studios to make throw-away movies
and games, knowing that their stuff's going to be jacked soon
after it releases, anyhow.

Do you steal software and movies?
Do you believe studios have cut back on quality because piracy cuts
into their profits? If you've never taken part in a Coyote comments
thread, there's no better time to start. Share your thoughts and have a little fun!

Awesome Quote from the Epic Thread

not piracy that's causing craptastic games and movies; we had
craptastic games and movies aplenty long long before piracy became an
issue. Ya, there's more nowadays, but if you want to blame something,
blame the easy money there is in DVD sales, and the generation that's
predominantly playing games now having the attention spans of gnats.

- Vaebn

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6 new MMOG hand-crafted articles today! 115 in April! 502 in 2009!

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