Below are articles that we're no longer updating. It was fun while it lasted, but we're off to bigger and better things.

  • It's All Geek to Me

    This is a collection of those late-night post-DnD conversations that geeks have with their friends. It is a bunch of nonsense talk and what-if scenarios that could never happen and have no relevance on the real world, but geeks hold more dear and true than anything that you could ever glean from a book. Whether you're a geek yourself or just trying to understand what makes geek tick, It's All Geek to Me.

  • Top Ten Free MMOs

    Ten Ton Hammer is your home for the best coverage of free MMOs. Updated weekly, Danny “Ralsu” Gourley’s Top Ten Free-to-Play MMOs separates the wheat from the chaff based on features and play experience, giving you the information you need to find the good games without wasting your time.

  • Loading... Live Podcast on Voon

    Loading... Live is a weekly Voon live podcast featuring developers and prominent personalities from around the MMORPG industry. Each episode will feature this week in MMO news, questions and insightful, commentary from Ten Ton Hammer personalities and guests, and a special live segment in which we take advantage of Vivox's Voon technology so that you too can participate!

  • The Final Frontier

    MMOs, the Final Frontier is your premier source for all things sci-fi at Ten Ton Hammer. In his weekly column, Reuben “Sardu” Waters climbs into the captain's chair to lead readers on a virtual trip to the stars and beyond, providing an in-depth look at the sci-fi genre in Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

  • The Comic Book Guy

    Like a punch in the nards from the Incredible Hulk, The Comic Book Guy steps in and pokes obscurity in the snarglies by bringing you weekly comic book commentary for the MMO industry. Faster than an internet rumor, more powerful than a DC / Marvel cross-over, able to leap to tall conclusions in a single bound. It's a nerd, it's a game, it's THE COMIC BOOK GUY!

  • Forever Fantasy

    Once you’ve delved into the deepest dungeon, slain the largest dragon, and conquered the entire realm of elves and dwarves, you can’t avoid becoming a lifelong fan of the fantasy genre. Every week, Ten Ton Hammer’s Eric “Dalmarus” Campbell tries to sate your appetite for all things fantasy by bringing you the Internet’s best news and opinions in his Forever Fantasy column.

  • In The Trenches

    When you’re playing online games, do you always strive to be at the top of the leaderboard? Are you constantly looking to pick a fight with the best individuals in online gaming? If so, Cody “Micajah” Bye’s In the Trenches may be the column for you. Featuring in-depth commentary and articles on the state of competitive gaming, this weekly feature provides plenty of entertainment for the bloodthirsty online player.

  • Not Funny... Ever - Coyote

    Although he has since moved on to It's All Geek to Me, you can check out some classic Coyote, a gamer, adventurer, lover, and international superspy in Not Funny... Ever.

  • Ten Ton Turnip Satire Magazine

    Ten Ton Hammer takes a break from our serious reporting to bring you a very special satire section: The Ten Ton Turnip.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016