Blizzard has posted more details about Diablo III’s 1.0.4 update that now encompasses a number of changes for the Wizard, barbarian, witch doctor, monk and demon hunter classes. Additionally, Legendary Items are also getting a makeover to improve statistics and support build diversity.

Witch Doctor:

One of the primary changes coming for the witch doctor class is the improvements of pets, which at the moment seem to do fine in Normal difficulty but tend to get shredded and then pounded into a fine paste in Nightmare and beyond. As such, pets will be getting some significant buffs in 1.0.4. This will include changes to the Zombie Dogs to enable them to be a viable tank without tying them to your own stats.

The witch doctor will also be getting some Mana regeneration and skill changes.


Barbarians will be getting buffs to a number of skills that include Cleave, Bash, Hammer of the Ancients, Seismic Slam and Rend.


The wizard will be receiving buffs to their Arcane, Lightning, Frost and Mammoth Hydra skills to bring them in line with the damage of the Venom Hydra. Wizard’s will be getting a little nerf attention too with a lowered proc coefficient for Energy Twister, but that also comes with some additional skill buffs for Meteor and Arcane Torrent.  

Demon Hunter:

The demon hunter will receive some buffs for hatred generator skills such as Hungering Arrow and Bola Shot. Additionally, Hatred Spender skills such as Chakram and Cluster Arrow will receive a DPS boost.


The monk will receive some visual improvements to Exploding Palm along with an increase to the Bleed duration for that skill as well as Impending Doom. Expect to see some additional damage boosts to other skills and the ability to wield 2-handed weapons.

Legendary Items:

One of the major complaints following Diablo III’s launch was the rather bland and generic nature of Legendary Items. 1.0.4 will make a number of changes to address that such as adding custom effects to certain Legendary Items, adding various stats to promote build diversity, making some of the classic items brought over from Diablo II more like they used to be with improved stats.

That’s the short version (if you can really call that short). Read up on all the changes on the Diablo III website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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