The nerf to Recluse wasn't actually that big, but was it enough to make other weapons better choices.  

Wondering what was changed?  Check out our Recluse Nerf article and accompanying video.

Ehroar has posted his take on some possible new Kings of the Hill.   His video is embedded below.  Give it a watch. 

Other SMGs are the obvious choices to take the crown from Recluse.   Here are some options that may become your new go-to.

Every Waking Moment - Great synergies with many builds.   Perks like demolitionist make it a strong choice.  It is a 600 RPM weapon with a higher impact than the Recluse.  This weapon is a relatively easy farm on the Moon.

Subjunctive - 900 RPM SMG that you farm through the Vex Offensive.  What it loses in range to Every Waking Moment it gains in close quarters ability. 

Kindled Orchid - A Hand Cannon that has some pretty great builds.  Ehroar suggest Rampage which is awesome, but you have alternatives.   This weapon and most Hand Cannons give you great mid-range killing ability. 

Trust - Ehroar calls this Hand Cannon with Rampage and Dragonfly Spec his favourite all time Hand Cannon.

Adhortative - The Vex Pulse Rifle. This is easy to farm and the weapon that I personally prefer over anything else on this list.  In a perfect world you get Multi-Kill Clip and Feeding Frenzy and you are good to go. 

When is all is said and done though... Recluse is still the best option.   Nerfed or not, it's still going to be amazing and I'm not sure that any other weapon can compete.  

Ehroar gives a few more options including Scout Rifles choices in the video below.  Give it a watch!

What weapon will you be using to replace Recluse? Why?

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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019

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