The Diablo III Q&A panel just concluded for BlizzCon 2010 and while there wasn't a lot of new information, Game Director Jay Wilson did confirm one bit of good news for Diablo fans. The Stash, the storage place for player items, will be shared between all characters on a player's account. This is a great improvement from how the Stash functioned in Diablo II, which led players to create several mule characters to hold all of their shiny loot. Previously, you would have to move these items, often times by having a friend hold a private room, dropping the items on the ground and switching to your mule. A tedious and risky process as the rooms could drop at times and the items could be lost. But the Stash is going to be much bigger in Diablo III and shared between characters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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