Unless you have been hiding or under witness protection in a safehouse the last few days you have undoubtedly heard about one Mr. Colin Cowherd and his rants about showing video games, specifically Heroes of the Storm on ESPN2. 

If you haven't heard this Wile. E. Coyote styled genius in action then please, watch the video below where he calls Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends. 


This is a dramatic recreation of Mr. Cowherd making disparaging remarks about eSports commentators Artosis and Day[9].

The truth of the matter, as I see it, is that ESPN needs eSports a lot more than eSports needs ESPN.   The sports juggernaut isn't going to disappear any time soon, nor should it.  They provide incredible value in their sports coverage, which includes things like spelling bees and *gasp* coverage of games like Madden by none other than Mr. Cowherd.  

This is obviously a publicity stunt by Mr. Cowherd.  Hats off to him for that.  His Howard Stern-like jibber-jabber has enraged and entertained thousands.  His rantings have given eSports another stage on which to stand and another platform on which to show just how incredible a "sport" games like Heroes of the Storm really are.  For that, "Thank You Mr. Cowherd".

Let's end with more humour.  This parody pretty much nails it.   Well played gentlemen.  Well played. 

Wade in. Is Cowherd just bucking for listeners, or is he truly this ignorant of gaming as an entertainment medium.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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