Welcome to this ninth day of March, 2015.   I’m John “Boomjack” Hoskin and this is Here Comes The Boom – EP #29.

It's Funday-Monday and by now most of you have lived through moving your clocks ahead, losing an hour of sleep and the most annoying thing of all, getting that loopy piece on the back of the clocks to hang on the nail on the wall again.  Seriously, how can that be so hard?

PAX East 2015 Comes and Goes

There is always plenty of hype surrounding one of the many (I think there are 23 a year now) PAX events.   PAX East, Prime, South, SouthEast, SouthPrime, PrimeSouth, PrimeEast, PrimeRib, TexMex, are all in the works. 

PAX East was no different with regards to announcements, but for me most of the important stuff came from Blizzard.   Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of games, too many games, far too many games.   My Steam Library is filled with games that I have installed (and sometimes not even installed) and not played.  I'm a virtual collector of games that I don't play.   I have a problem.  I assume that many of you are like me, buying these games and then, well, playing something else.   I'll get around to it, I tell myself, but then something even shinier comes along.   As I said, I have a problem.

One thing rings true however, I have never purchased a Blizzard title and not played it.   In fact, I even played the Diablo series a lot and by a lot I mean over 100 hours.   That's the title that I don't really like.  Imagine how much World of Warcraft, Starcraft and the like I have played.  It's scary.

"I'll get around to it, I tell myself..."

Not all that glitters is Blizzard's and I'm disappointed that I didn't attend PAX this time as I didn't get to see my friends who make good things happen at Disruptor Beam.  Star Trek Timelines looks like a winner. 

"It's a collaboration between us and Star Trek fans."

But Blizzard... oh Blizzard... just when I think I'm out... you drag me back in.

It's like Blizzard has some strange hold on me.   With the exception of the Diablo series, which I appreciate, but do not enjoy,  I dig just about everything else that they make.  For me, the Blizzard announcements were the biggest news from PAX.

What announcement, Blizzard or otherwise made you giggle with glee? 

Did you watch any of the PAX streams or *gasp* attend in person?

In honour of Funday Monday I give you.... Neil Patrick Harris yelling at kids.


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