Here Comes The Boom – EP 20 - Destiny Video Farming Guides

Here’s a handle for you.   Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard Graf von Moltke.   With a name that long you have to be important and he was.  “Moltke the Elder” as he was referred to was the architect of Germany’s Wars of Unification that took place from 1864-71.       More importantly to us, he coined the phrase…

“No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.”

Why is this phrase important?  Let’s find out…

As always, if you’re looking for grammar or facts, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Now, let’s get busy!

Players are the Enemy

I’m pretty sure that I once heard John Carmack say,

“The client is in the hands of the enemy”

But it may have been Raph Koster.   I can’t find out who the heck it was, so I’ll credit them both.   Regardless, every game developer should learn the following before they step out of their cosy little cubby hole into the swirling miasma that is the game development process.

Players are not you.  They will find ways to play your game that you never imagined.   Roll with it.  Give them joy and they will in turn give you grief, but roll with it.  You can’t stop them any more than you can hold back the ocean with a kitchen strainer.  

A wise hockey coach once gave me this advice…

“Once you realize that everything a parent says and does is to benefit their own child you will have a much more rewarding time coaching.”

He was correct, and you could easily reword that truth to state: Once you realize that everything a gamer does in your game is to benefit themselves you will have a much more rewarding time creating games. 

There has been much gnarling, gashing and wailing about removing the “Loot Cave” in Destiny, but what is done is done.   I’m confident that I choose the side that was right (I wanted the cave just left alone) and that confidence was further affirmed when Penny Arcade wrote that they felt it should be closed. 

For now at least, let’s put all that behind us and get some useful information out to the masses.

The cave was a loot casino, so let’s put our collective brains together and determine how best to get the loot we crave.    

With that in mind, I give you an updated video list of Destiny farming guides.  Enjoy!  If you have more send me the info to Hoskin at and I’ll add them with credit to you.

Destiny Farming Guide (Chests, Engrams, Materials)


Relic Iron

Chest Farming

More Chest Farming


Engram Farming

More Engram Farming

Spirit Bloom

Chest Farming


Engram Farming

More Engram Farming

And More Engram Farming

Chest Farming – Helium Farming


Engram Farming

More Engram Farming

And More Engram Farming

Chest Farming

Spin Metal Farming

Now go farm… farm until you can farm no more.  

Cryptarch Fact: Fear of spiders is arachnophobia. Fear of the Cryptarch is logic.  

Now on to something more entertaining…

Because the real world is usually more humorous than the virtual one.   Here are some real world stories.  You can’t make this stuff up.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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