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Just a friendly reminder that last week we launched a cool new tool called PlayerScore. You can find out even more about this great new tool in the preview about it here: PlayerScore - A New Way to Rank and Rate WoW Players. You can also find the tool itself by visiting the brand new PlayerScore beta!


This past weekend Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle and Reuben "Sardu" Waters raided PAX 2010. For anyone who has not attended this great Seattle event, check out the coverage here: TenTonHammer.com at PAX 2010. While not directly WoW related the event covers many other MMOs such as LEGO Universe, LotRO, TERA, D&D Online and more.

Now onto our regularly scheduled content! Last week was a pretty busy week with a a lot of content and a lot of changes to the Cataclysm Beta Client as well. We saw the launch of beta version 12857 push out which opens up the remainder of the world and allows players to level to 85. This was right after beta version 12807 which introduced a lot of new changes as well. You can find these changes in our review of the patch. Pretty exciting stuff, and it means that the release date is drawing nearer. It's probably still a long way off, but more content is now in the beta than missing.

Next up we posted looks at both Tanaris and how it is changing in Cataclysm, and an article on the new pets that will be available to Hunters. Hunters will see a lot of changes in Cataclysm and it's nice to see they gain access to some shiny new pet types to go with all their new abilities.

Around the network we completely reformatted our forums to make it easier to find everything and participate in our community. We also posted what we think is a great new utility for WoW players called PlayerScore. Check them both out and let us know what you think!

In WoW news last week it was pretty quite, but it seems that Blizzard may be trying to nudge a certain famous director into doing a Starcraft movie. And of course the 12857 patch launched as well. You can find all the news in our headlines section below.

All this and more can be found right here at WoW.TenTonHammer.com.

Don't forget as well, that above and beyond World of Warcraft there was a lot going on with the release of StarCraft 2 late last month so check out all the info on it as well. Oh, and remember, The Overpull is your one stop shop to find out what went on last week, and every week, so sign up now!

Featured Content:

Hunters are possibly one of the most changed classes in Cataclysm. Changes to their skills, the removal of mana use, and various other aspects of the Hunter are topics of hot discussion. But another exciting and often overlooked change for Hunters is coming in as well The addition of new mobs to the game, which always comes with any expansion, means that Hunters will have a plethora of new pets (and old pets with new skins) to choose from.

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Announcing the WoW Ten Ton Hammer Forum Revamp

Our Ten Ton Hammer community forums is the place to be to talk about all kinds of online games (and more!). We've taken our popular World of Warcraft forums and given them a complete overhaul to prepare for the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. So why not head on over to our forums and have a chat with some of our friendly community members? Get your questions answered, share your stories, discuss the latest events, and more here at Ten Ton Hammer.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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