Deciding upon a powerset in
DC Universe Online
is no easy task.  The various powers are completely different and not every
powerset will suit every player.  Once you have picked the perfect one for
you, it is imperative that you get to know your role, powers, and potential so
that you can blast away the bad (or good) guys with fewer trips to the repair
merchant.  There is a lot to learn, but we are going to cover the
essentials for each powerset.  Give this a read before creating or gearing
your character and you'll save yourself time and headaches!  Can't find they answer to your questions
here? Be sure to check our forums where you can get tips from players and staff.

Keep reading to browse all of the powersets, or feel free to use the
navigation to jump to the specific powerset that you are looking for.

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Burn, baby, burn!

The Fire powerset is a tank class that utilizes combustion and flame to
dispatch your foe.  This powerset is perfect for those who enjoy leading
groups or would like to play a reliable solo class.  The Fire roles allow
you to switch back and forth between defense and damage, giving you the tools
you need in nearly any situation.

Weapon Choice: If you intend to play the Fire powerset as a defensive
tank, then it would make sense to choose a melee weapon skill.  Fire has a
few good AoE attacks, but you need to be reasonably close to your opponents for
these to be effective. My favorite weapon skills for the powerset are brawling
and martial arts.

Stat Options: This powerset will rely mostly on Defense, Might, and
Precision.  You'll find that a lot of armor items will have either Might or
Precision, so deciding upon which will depend on if you use your powers or
weapon skills more for damage. Might = power damage, Precision = weapon damage.

Fire Powerset Loadouts



They can't hurt you if they're frozen!

Like the Fire powerset, Ice is primarily a tank class.  Through
manipulation of storms and freezing ice, the Ice powerset deals damage, protects
allies, and controls incoming foes with cool calculation. While this powerset
may not feel as "powerful" as the Fire powerset, it still has some very nice
advantages and works well as a defense class or as a solo class.

Weapon Choice: Again, like the Fire powerset, sticking with a melee
weapon skill just seems like the right thing to do.  Defensive players
should be able to keep everything close in battle. You have more wiggle room on
weapon choice if you are playing solo or intend to be strictly a damage player.

Stat Options: Defense (especially for tanking), Might, and Precision
should be your focus.  If you use your powers more, lean towards Might, if
you use your weapon skills more, stack with more Precision.

Ice Powerset Loadouts



I'm not a shark, but that is a freakin' laser beam on my head.

Every group needs a damage and crowd control, and the Mental powerset fits
the bill perfectly.  With a plethora of controller powers combined with a
sprinkling of devastation, the Mental powerset comes in handy for group gameplay. 
While not as hearty as the tank classes, Mental players can still get by in solo
gameplay by making liberal use of their control powers.

Weapon Choice: Starting out, using a ranged weapon skill would benefit
you the most. In a group, you don't really want to be too close to the action
and as a solo player, you really need to make things dead before they start
whacking on you. Dual pistols, rifle, or bow are all good choices and they help
keep enemies at a distance.

Stat Options: Dominance, the key to having effective control powers,
is an absolute must.  If you play the damage role more often than not, also
stack for Might or Precision.  If you tend to group more as a controller,
go for Vitalization for its power regen boost.

Mental Powerset Loadouts



Gadgets powerset is all about the toys.

The Gadgets powerset is one of the coolest sets to play in DCUO.  Laying
down traps, using stealth to dodge enemies, and whipping out damage from the
shadows is exactly what has made Batman the badass that he is.  This is a
great group class, can hold its own in solo gameplay, and has been my only
choice for PvP.  Try it, and you are sure to love it!

Weapon Choice: Because this powerset intends the user to play from the
shadows, bringing the enemy to you and ensnaring him in your traps is all part
of the fun.  I love pistols and bow with this powerset.  Later on, it
would be smart to add a hefty two-handed weapon skill to the lineup for hard
hitting melee stealth attacks.

Stat Options:  I like the Gadgets powerset more as a damage class than a
controller, but your role plays an important part in the stats that you choose. 
If you play damage, you'll need Might, Precision, and maybe even Defense if you
decided on a melee weapon skill.  If you find yourself in a controller role
more often, you will definitely need Dominance.

Gadgets Powerset Loadouts



This is the cool way to power regen. Jealous?

There really isn't anything more awesome than morphing into other creatures
and that is exactly what the Nature powerset players can do.  As a healer,
the Naturist is reminiscent of the druid in traditional sword and sorcery games,
but these healers do not sit on the sidelines waiting for the action. Animal
forms, healing powers, and enough damage to be pro-active, this powerset has it

Weapon Choice:  If you intend to be a strictly group gameplay player,
then ranged really is the way to go. You can stay a bit out of harm's way when
needed but still get in close for those always important AoE heals.

Stat Options:  Restoration will be your primary stat as a healer. 
Since you might burn through power a little bit more than the average player in
an attempt to keep everyone alive, Vitalization is also very useful.

Nature Powerset Loadouts



If you won't join 'em, zap 'em.

Not into transforming into animals?  That's okay, you can still do some
neat tricks as a Sorcery healer.  This powerset uses summoned creatures,
healing powers, and mystical zapping to keep ahead of the game.  Like most
healing classes, the Sorcerer tends to be a bit squishy so those who want to
solo this powerset may have to work a little harder in the early levels. It pays
off later on so patience is super important here.

Weapon Choice:  You don't really want to get hit but this can be
tough to avoid.  I'd go with a ranged weapon skill with the Sorcery
powerset. Hand blasting is pretty fun and kind of meshes well with Sorcery

Stat Options:  Just like with your fellow healer, the Naturist, you also
need to focus on Restoration. This stat is what gives you healing the ummph it
needs.  Vitalization is nice if you group a lot. If you are a brave soul
and are using this powerset as a damage character then look to add some Might
and Precision instead of Vitalization.

Sorcery Powerset Loadouts


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016