Destiny 2 How to Collect Materials in the EDZ

Season of Dawn quests ask you to collect materials in the EDZ.  Here is the best way to do it!

First up, the material that you are after is called Ducklight Shards and it is very easy to collect this material. 

You can collect materials in the EDZ in a number of ways.   You can get them as loot from chests (not recommended).  You can complete public events (not recommended).  You can kill high priority targets (again, not recommended).   You can purchase them from Spider in the Tangled Shore, but... those don't count towards the Season of Dawn quest, so this method is out.  

The fastest, easiest and most efficient method by far is... to farm Maevic Square.  Here is how you do just that. 

The TLDR; version is:

  • Transmat into Trostland
  • Equip a ghost with EDZ Resource Detector if you have one.  
  • Go past the church (right side)
  • Take the Path to Maevic Square
  • Pick up Shard
  • Head back out until you see the Trostland title on your screen.
  • Head right back to Maevic Square.  Everything will be respawed.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Maevic Square also has a Fallen Champion, so you can complete the kill 25 Fallen Champions quest there as well.    Why not bang out the Shotgun, Grenade Launcher kills, etc. bounties as well?   

The key to doing this mission as quickly as possible is to, as mentioned above, have a Ghost with EDZ Resource Detector equipped. This makes finding those hard to see shards so much easier. 

Here is a video by FlashCarter23 that shows the route. 

I hope this helped.  I was able to get all Collect 30 materials from the EDZ in just over 40 minutes while banging off two other bounties.   If you are reading this guide then you are going to need to farm Polarized Fractaline soon.  Here is the Fastest Way to Farm Polarized Fractaline.  Enjoy!



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Last Updated: Dec 16, 2019

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