The Sundial is offering up some good, some very good and some ouch, people use this? types of weapons. 

Patron of Lost Causes fits squarely into the "Very Good" category.    

I like Scout Rifles in general.  They look good and they "feel" good to use... in my opinion.  I know many people really dislike them, but for me, they are like holding a small piece of joy that allows me to take out my foes from a distance.  


Not much to say here other than get this gun in your arsenal.   As scout rifles go this may arguably be the best in the game.  There are some other contenders for sure, but the 30,000 foot view puts Patron of Lost Causes squarely in the Top 3.  Now that deciding if it's worth your time is out of the way.  Let's look at the God Roll. 

God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling - Increased Range, Stability and Handling
  • Accurized Rounds - Increased Range
  • Rapid Hit (Precision Hits increase Stability and Reload) OR Full Auto.
  • Explosive Payload - Area Effect Detonation on Impact OR Osmosis.

Aztecross Gaming has his review of this fine weapon on YouTube.  This is worth the watch!  He goes into much more detail than I do. 

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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2019

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