All Sundial Weapons in Destiny 2

Season of Dawn brings with it the Sundial.   Here is every weapon you can acquire through the Sundial activity. 

After you complete the A Matter of Time quest you will be able to take on the Sundial encounter.   Here are the best strategies to complete the Sundial encounter

Completing the Sundial will give you access to a reward from whichever obelisk you have activated and linked to the Sundial. 

You currently have two reward options for each obelisk.  

You currently have two obelisks to choose from, Mars and Tangled Shore. 

Tangled Shore Obelisk

This is opened as part of the A Matter of Time quest.   Weapons here include:

Mars Obelisk 

Weapons from the Mars Obelisk include:

EDZ Obelisk

Weapons from the EDZ Obelisk include:

Nessus Obelisk

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Last Updated: Jan 01, 2020

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