Why would you want to reach a 9+ clear of the Haunted Forest? Well, firstly, it'll provide a high amount of Candy which you can then exchange for the Masterwork Breytech Werewolf. What's particularly good about the high-end clears, at 9+, is the fact you get Pinnacle gear. That's one piece of Pinnacle Gear for the entire dungeon clear, which is amazing. 

What's The Haunted Forest?

The Haunted Forest is a Halloween version of the Inifinite Forest, and sees players put up against a timer to clear as many of the sections as possible. Each Branch results in a boss, and a new pathway in the Haunted Forest can only open when you've killed a specific amount of enemies, or a unique enemy. Once you kill the boss, after being automatically teleported to it, you'll be at the next Branch and will need repeat the process. Each subsequent Branch gets harder, and to reach the highest Branch, you'll have to move and kill quickly. Getting there consistently is HUGE.  It gives you a piece of Pinnacle gear as a reward EACH time. 

What Gear Should I Use in Destiny 2's Haunted Forest?

1. Put on a mask from Eva in the Tower.  Without it...no credit or entry. 

2. Put mods you pickup in the Haunted Forest on the mask: these give massive bonuses against enemies inside.

3. Heavy ammo machine guns are BROKEN. Use one. KackisHD loves the Thunderlord. 

Don't Forget Chests

There's plenty scattered around the Haunted Forest, and each gives a chocolate coin or two. While I wouldn't want to advise you to waste time hunting for them, as this'll waste time, be sure to grab them if passing. 

Try Not To Die

Dying, and respawning, wastes a huge amount of time. You'll also respawn back at the beginning if your team don't rez you. Play safe, quickly, and work together to bring enemies down. Most importantly, avoid the invicible knight. You can't kill him, but he can sure kill you...and fast. 

Ignore The Candy

Don't waste time picking up candy. It will all go to the postmaster and be in one nice (HUGE) stack for when you need it.

Watch the whole video here and enjoy your new Pinnacle gear!

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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2019

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