The Festival of the Lost is here, and even if you've only just arrived in Destiny 2, we thought we'd pull a guide together for you, so you can quickly complete its content and gain the rewards. 

What is Festival of the Lost?

Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2's seasonal, Halloween event. Players can participate in various Halloween-themed activities to obtain masks and special consumables. Typically the event involves a single quest and/or repeatable event, with daily quests which offer a currency, you can then exchange.

Where do I go?

Festival of the Lost occurs in The Tower, and is organised by Eva Levante. She's in the middle of the Courtyard, next to a giant tree. She offers rewards for currencies you can gain by undertaking the Festival of the Lost activities. These range from a set of Masks, daily Quests, and a selection of weapons. 

What should I do?

The Festival of the Lost has a primary repeatable event called the Haunted Forest. It's set in the Infinite Forest, and sees players pitted against enemies as they move through a series of repetitious corridors, ending in a boss. You're against the clock, and need to complete 9 to finish the Quest. Not that it gets harder and harder during each phase, making the time-limit particularly challenging if you've a sluggish team. 

What are the rewards available? 

Well, the vast majority are in the Store and are available for Bright Dust or Silver. Some are available from Eva Levante, while the event also drops Prime Engrams fairly regularly. To gain most of the cosmetic items from Eva, you'll need Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. These drop from killing enemies in the Haunted Forest, or from completing her daily Bounties. Lastly, a single run of the Haunted Forest nets you around 130 Candy. You need 1,000 for the Masterwork Assault Rifle Eva has to offer, so that's around 10 runs. Fortunately, it only takes around 15 minutes per run. 

Anything Else I Should Know?

As part of the event, Eris Morn has a new Quest chain for an amazing Machine Gun, while there's also a new Dungeon (again, go see Eris Morn). Finally, you'll need to wear one of the Masks to enter the Haunted Forest, and many of the masks provide armor mods that help you quickly kill enemies.

That's all, folks! Go enjoy the Halloween event while it's here, and make the most of the Candy that's on offer!

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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