Hood Ornaments in Mad Max are one part trophy and one part power up. You get hood ornaments from taking down enemy convoys that roam the wastelands. You can find these convoys by looking for a cloud of dust while you patrol the wastes. When you get close enough to the convoy it’s route will be marked with a red dashed line. The convoy doesn’t stray from this route; so use the information o setup ambushes.

 Your target in the Convoy is the lead car. This car will usually be the most well armored of the convoy so you’ll have to peel off some layers with your harpoon before going in for the kill. It’s also a good idea to take out the other members of the convoy before confronting the leader because you can quickly become overwhelmed if they get on either side of you.

Once you’ve destroyed the lead vehicle it will drop its hood ornament. There are 13 to collect in all, each of which will provide your car with a boost to one of it’s abilities or stats.

You can have two ornaments equipped at one time; one on the back and one on the front.

Here is the current crop of Hood Ornaments available for collection.

Desert Skull

Location: Black Maws

This ornament will give your car a boost to its attack power.

The Lawrel

Location: Colossus

Equipping this ornament will increase your handling of the Opus.

Mask of the Pious

Location: Dry Gustie

Increases the Magnum Opus’s Defense rating.

Plug Halo

Location: Northern Fuel Veins

Like the Mask of the Pious, the Plug Halo buffs your car’s Defense rating.

Dread Ram

Location: Southern Fuel Veins

The Ram gives your car a boost to Attack Power.


Location: Mid East Grit Canyons

While this ornament is part of a mission, it also gives a bonus to the power of your Harpoon weapon.

Sly One

Location: South West Grit Canyons

A handling boost will be your reward for equipping this hood ornament.

Helmeted Beat

Location: Reek Hills

If you can pry the ornament off the lead car an increase to your Top Speed is all yours.

Rubba Baby

Location: North East Parch Moon

This ornament gives you a higher cap on your Top Speed.


Location: The Heights (Southern)

Bike is one of three ornaments that will increase your Top Speed.


Location: Grand Rise

It’s hard to get but if you do you can reap the benefits of its Defense Boost.

Death Twins

Location: Cadavanaugh (East)

Provides a buff to the power of your Weapons.

Demon Doll

Location: The Border between Wailing Wind and Knit Sack.

One of two ornaments that provides a boost to your Weaponry stat.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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