Dismantling camps in Mad Max is great for a couple of reasons. For starters it’s the best way to lower threat in a region, with one dismantled camp often reducing the threat level by at least a third. Second, they usually hold a lot of scrap that can easily be found along the route you have to traverse to get through the camp. And third, one you’ve dismantled a camp it will provide you with a regular delivery of scrap every 15 minutes or so.

Camps come in different varieties and different difficulties. The different types of camps have different objectives, while the more difficult camps will have more defences and tougher war boys lurking inside. You can tell how difficult a camp is by its skull rating (1 to 5).

The different types of camps and their objectives are:

Oil Pump Camps – Your objective is to fight your way through the camp so you can destroy the oil derrick at its center.

Transfer Camps – These camps house many guzzoline storage tanks that you must destroy with explosives like gas cans.

Top Dog Camps – Battle your way to the War Boy leader and defeat him to dismantle this camp. The final battle usually takes place in some sort of gladiatorial style arena.

Stank Gum Camp – To clear these camps you just have to kill all of the War Boy inhabitants. You can tell how many are left by pulling up the area objectives.

Tips for Dismantling Camps

  • Take down the defences fast. If you let the alert bar fill up to maximum the defenses will receive an offensive and defensive boost. Your car is great for pulling down snipers, rocket towers, and fuel tanks used for flamers.
  • When you first get into the camp use your harpoon to pick off any visible War Boys. This will save you valuable health and possibly ammunition.
  • Destroy the War Crier. As soon as you see the enemy War Crier take him out. His annoying screaming will buff the War Boys making them tougher and able to deal more damage. Use your shotgun or a well-placed can of lit guzzoline to make quick work of him.
  • Explore the nooks and crannies. If you want to get 100% completion on a camp you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for out of the way paths that will most likely contain a Scrotus Insignia. There’s no time limit on camps so explore each area thoroughly. Yellow paint is a giveaway that an area is climbable or you can shimmy through a small opening/ along an edge.

  • Gas cans make great makeshift grenades for sue against large groups of enemies. If you can get the drop on them or they’re a far enough distance away, light up a can and shuck it into them for maximum war boy slaying effect.
  • Upgrade Max. You’re going to be doing a lot of hand to hand fighting in camps so make it easy on yourself and upgrade his jacket, wrist armor, fighting moves whenever you can. Griffa stats can also make a big difference by allowing him to have a higher maximum health and be able to deal more melee damage both with and without weapons.
  • Charge War Boys early. If you don’t close the gap on war boys they’ll start hurling rocks at you which do a fair bit of damage. Bring the fight to them to avoid this if you can.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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