The Giganotosaurus is the apex predator of Ark Island, and if your tribe can manage to tame one it will instantly make you one of the super powers of the island. Gaining that kind of power is never easy however, and taming the Giganotosaurus will be the toughest tame ou have ever embarked on, but it’s worth it.

The Giganotosaurus is a massive creature, bigger than the Spino and Rex combined. It has massive jaws that it uses to easily tear apart prey even as large as the brontosaurus. It’s also a very angry dinosaur and has a unique rage mechanic. When the Giga takes damage its rage meter increases. As this rage increase the Giga will gain more energy and a more powerful attack. It is therefore not a good idea to try and take these guys down head on.

Note: Tamed Giganotosaurus’s will attack friendly tribe members when enraged, so try to remove yourself from combat before the rage meter fills up too much.

Finding a Giga can be hard work because they are a fairly rare spawn. Their spawning location varies, but many tribes have had luck searching the northern half of the island or the central area.

Once you’ve found it you’ve somehow got to tranquilize it. The entire taming process is a tribe effort as just tranquilizing it will take several players because of its very large torpor rating.

Before you get it on the ground you’ll want to check your supplies first. You’ll need a ton of Narcotics and a good amount of prime meat (even more regular). These figures are based on using prime meat during the tame, but as you can see the numbers are huge.

Level 20 – 1200 Narcotic and 50 Prime Meat

Level 50 – 2000 Narcotic and 80 Prime Meat

Level 75 – 3000 Narcotic and 100 Prime Meat

Level 100 – 3500 Narcotic and 150 Prime Meat

Level 120 – 4000 Narcotic and 175 Prime Meat

If you’re using Quetzal egg kibble you’ll be able to tame at the fastest rate reducing the amount of Narcotics you need, almost by half. At any rate, it’s always a good idea to bring a couple hundred more Narcotics than you think you are going to need because the Giganotosaurus needs to be force fed them constantly.

Knocking Him Out

You definitely have to have the Giga either finned against a rock/ cliff or other area where you can safely fill him with tranq arrows, because if he gets a hold of you it’s all over. One popular strategy is to have one player ride a Pterodon or Argentavis, grab another player in their talons and then fly above the Giga while peppering it with tranq arrows. This is probably the easiest strategy, but requires you to have at least a couple pairs of people to work.

When you finally do get the Giga down, the real work begins.

The Tame

The tame is a long process, requiring at least an hour when using kibble, but up to 15 hours for a 120 lvl Giga using regular raw meat (do not do this). The other unique and most difficult part of the tame is that the Giga does not gain torpor, but only loses it to the tune of over 1000 per minute.

How do you keep this giant asleep then? The torpor can’t go up, but you can stop it from going down by applying narcotics. Every unit of Narcotics you apply to the Giga will stop it’s torpor from decreasing for several seconds, so all you have to do is provide it with a never ending stream of narcotics. Luckily, you can force feed narcotics a bunch at a time ( a couple hundred force fed at once should buy you at least a minute or two), allowing you to take a break from force feeding if you need to quickly take a break or swap in one of your tribemates to take over torpor duty.

Apart from the rapidly decaying torpor, there’s no real trick to taming the Giga. If you can protect him and keep him asleep while he’s down, in a couple hours you will be the proud owner of the most powerful dinosaur on the island (just don’t get him angry).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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