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Q: What crafting skills are available in Warhammer Online?

A: As mentioned in Mark Jacob's video blog in May's newsletter, the following skills have been announced and will be in the launched product:

Cultivating - This skill is basically the growing and harvesting of weeds and fungus
Magical Salvaging - This skill is the breaking down of items into magical components used in tradeskills
Butchering - This skill allows the players to harvest ingredients from animals
Scavenging - This skill will have players pilfering through the pockets of humanoid based creatures for crafting ingredients
Apothecary - Allows players to create magic potions which provide temporary benefits
Talisman Making - Skill allowing players to create magical talismans which provide stat bonuses on certain types of weapons and armor.

Q: What? No Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing in the game?

A: No, there will be no Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing crafting skills in the game at launch. According to the interview we did with EA Mythic's General Manager Mark Jacobs, there are concerns about balance with RvR so they are holding off on it. He did confirm the system is scalable and hinted there would likely been an expansion of what we see currently but for now they want to focus on making these skills very solid.
What type of items can we make then?

A: The two crafting skills Apothecary and Talisman making will let you make a number of experimental items with various stats. They will however be basically one of two things. A potion which provides you healing, temporary bonuses to a stat, or something you would expect a normal potion to do. The other is a talisman which attaches to very special and rare pieces of weapons and armor. These items will be available to everyone and increase in potency as you skill up.

Q: How Many Crafting and Gathering Skills can I have?

A: According to the video blog in May's newsletter you may only have one of each type of skill at a time. One gathering, and one crafting. These can be changed by talking to NPC at any time but you will lose any progress you have gained in the current skill. All the gathering skills are required for both Apothecary and Talisman Making but Cultivation and Magical Salvaging are primary ingredient skills.

name="RvR" id="RvR">Q: How will crafting affect RvR and overall battle?

A: Crafting skills will not have a direct effect on RvR battles or scenario conflict in the sense of points or objectives. However the items created with these skills allow players to improve their skills and abilities and gain a small advantage that would not ordinarily have. So the answer is yes and no at the same time. Clear as mud?

name="tables" id="group_size4">Q:Will there be crafting tables and other machinery I need to craft?

A: According to our interview with Mark Jacobs, some skills will require you use certain containers or areas in order to creat things. For instance, cultivation will require you use a plot in order to grow your things. Mixing ingredients for a potion with Apothecary will require the use of some type of container. However most skills such as Butchering, Salvaging, and Magical Salvaging will require you to collect items from corpses of your enemies.

name="time" id="group_size">Q: How much time will be involved in crafting skills?

A: EA Mythic has made it very clear they are not attempting to build the classic recipe based system requiring untold hours of grinding. They want players to experience crafting as a entertaining side mechanic which will be fun, but not take players away from battle too long. Most skills are meant to be mobile and done when you find spare time to work on them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016