You still have two weeks to complete things like the Undying Title, grinding for those Vex weapons and completing your Season Pass, but the Season of Dawn is almost upon us. 

Bungie will be unveiling what is next via streams on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. The stream will start at 10 am PST /1 pm EST /6 pm GMT on Wednesday, December 4. 

Season of Dawn will come with a $10 price tag for those of you who want to complete the Season Pass.    There are numerous assumptions, but I think we are safe with the following.

A new artifact is incoming.  The mods that were made available via the Season of Undying artifact changed gameplay.   How do you keep that rolling and make it better?  We're going to find out. 

The Vex Offensive will be no more.  Grind those weapons while you can. 

Solar subclass changes are incoming. 

Will there be a power level increase?  It seems like a given, but we may be stuck at 960.  

What would you like to see in Season of Dawn?  

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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2019

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