Yesterday, I wrote about an unexpected hero, Bagel, who through part hard-work,  part humiilty and part love from the Destiny 2 community wove a story bigger than the lore that he was chasing. 

The TLDR version is that Bagel a relatively unknown player in the community outraced some very good Destiny 2 players to a power level of 999.   Game lore states that at 999 a hero could remove the curse of the Dreaming City by completing a specific raid solo.   With lots of help (read the link above) Bagel was that hero.   Yet... the curse lives on.  

Since the release of Shadowkeep, we’ve been watching the community climb in Power as they’ve embraced the Seasonal Artifact to take on the Nightmares of the Moon. The Gate Lord’s Eye provides not only unique perks for players to earn, but additional Power to give Guardians an edge when taking on pinnacle content.

Bungie has posted on their blog in response to this incredible feat.  Titled, On The Power Climb, they quickly explain what happened and then, tease the community with even more lore references, ending with "[The wait is long, but I am ceaseless.]"  This is a fantastic read. 

Helmets off to you Bagel and everyone who helped make this such a feel-good story.   We can't wait to see what comes next!  This is the good stuff that doesn't get enough press.  

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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019

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