We've already covered a lot of what the new Dota Underlords Big Update contains, and I'm pleased to report that it's finally here. In another new blog post, Valve recap over much of the announced content and reveal Duos, as well as a brilliant new UI. 

With this update we are adding a new social game mode – Duos. In this game mode you’ll party up with a friend and queue up with seven other teams of two (16 players total, if you were counting). You and your teammate will each be hiring and leveling your own crews, but now you’ll be able to help each other out by sending gold and heroes to each other. Watch out though, your health is also shared, as is your level.

Alongside this, there's also a Freestyle mode which is effectively a practice arena. It'll let you test different strategies, units and positioning in order to put a Hero and your Alliances through their paces, without entering a real match. We'll be updating our content to reflect the new Heroes and changes, in the next few days.


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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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