Early access for players that coughed up nearly $200 for a Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack and the less-pricey Premium Pack at $59.99 was not what you might call the smoothest of experiences. The early access launch was mired in a few problems that delayed its start and thus caused those that dished out the hefty cash to lose out on some of their head start time.

As compensation to players for the delay, Gazillion boss David Brevik posted an update today with a compensation plan for players. Starting on June 7th, players that purchased an Ultimate or Premium Pack will find the compensation added to their account in the form of 2,000Gs of in-game currency for Ultimate, and 1,000Gs for Premium. Additionally, both accounts will also be given a unique in-game pet cosmetic item at a later date that is still in the process of being created. Along with that, Brevik also offered a sincere apology.

Source: Marvel Heroes Ultimate and Premium Pack Compensation

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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