Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember, so I always get excited to see how the holiday is represented in new MMOs. While Skyforge has already had a number of successful in-game events since open beta began this summer, the Evil Pumpkin Festival goes a step further with themed transformations in the Divine Observatory and Park social hubs.

During the Halloween Festivities, there are a number of Halloween challenges and quests that will reward players with candy which works as a form of currency during the event. The list of items players will be able to unlock in exchange for their precious candy includes themed costumes and costume parts such as the Pumpkin Hat, Talking Hat, Skeleton Costume, Ghost Costume, Mummy Costume and more.

Along with the in-game festivities, Skyforge players will also have the option to purchase one of the limited edition Witchcraft Packs. Available through November 4th, the Witchcraft Packs come bundled with instant access to the Witch / Warlock class, two unique costumes, legendary weapons, and more. A full rundown of what’s included can be found over on the official website.

A few weeks ago I had noted in an issue of Lifetap that I would gladly jump at the chance to purchase the Witch class directly since class unlocks seemed to take a bit long based on my playing habits. True to my word, that’s exactly what I’ve done so I’ll be scampering around in Skyforge this week on my shiny new Witch.

More details on the Evil Pumpkin Festival and Witchcraft Packs are available on the official Skyforge website, so do be sure to check it out!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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