Most MMOs feature some form of time-limited events, though most default to keeping them focused on major real world holidays with the occasional in-game event intended to help bridge the storyline gap just prior to a major expansion. A few games have taken the concept much further, as is the case with Skyforge Invasions.

The second major Invasion in Skyforge kicks off today, this time featuring the Mechanoids. As with the previous Invasion, players will need to have unlocked their Divine Form to participate, but by all accounts the benefits for participating are well worth it.

If you’re not quite sure what “unlock your Divine Form” means, you could almost think of it as something similar to Ascension in the original Guild Wars. You won’t necessarily be scampering around the desert doing menial tasks for a benign ghost, mind you. Or forced to fight a doppelganger of your character for that matter. Instead, you’ll be spending a sizable chunk of Sparks in the Ascension Atlas to unlock the Divine Atlas.

Given that I typically have limited windows of time to play Skyforge in any given week, I’ve primarily focused on unlocking new classes. I’m ultimately aiming to unlock Witch / Warlock, but given that it took me nearly two months to unlock the Necromancer I’ll be lucky to reach my final goal by the end of the year at the rate things are going.

For those players who set their sights on unlocking the Divine Atlas, you’ll definitely want to spend some time exploring the Mechanoid Invasion includes. Among other things, you’ll make some significant progress through the Divine Atlas with bonuses that are not counted towards your weekly limits. You’ll also get to experience some fresh content which is always a good thing in my books. While you’re doing that, I’ll continue putting up the good fight to keep Factory 501 clear of Mechanoids, though I have to admit it seems like a losing battle at this point.

Additional details can be found on the official Skyforge website, so be sure to check it out: The Mechanoids Have Landed!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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