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Nicholas the Traveler is located at: Garden of Seborhin? (Nightfall) collecting 2 Roaring Ether Claws (available off the nearby Roaring Ether Claws).


Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer’s Guild Wars 2 community site and our weekly newsletter, "Live 2 Win," a recap of everything Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 in the previous week. We're going to be coming at you every Monday afternoon with the latest location on Nicholas the Traveler in addition with a recap of the previous week's news and finally Prince Rurik steps in each week with his random tip of the week.

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So fire up that bookmark, get your cheesiest Prince Rurik quote ready, and stick around. We have a lot of amazing things coming your way.

Last week presented another great Guild Wars 2 developer journal entry labled "Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events Details Revealed."
This is one of the biggest reveals they've done yet because this basically declares war on the stereotypical MMO and offers up something that every gamer out that has longed for.

Will it work out? Well we have an excellent article going over what the reveal means and if ArenaNet could really pull it off. Check out, Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2: Living in a Living World to find out more details.

In Tyria, the war rages on. Prince Selma has regained the throne and our War in Kryta page has been updated with details on obtaining the new dialogues and bounties have been added to the game.. Keep an eye out here at Ten Ton Hammer as we continue to cover the ongoing war events.

This Week in Tyria

Community Spotlight

Well met, young Hammers!

Well it seems like Prince Rurik has found his way to our forums! Come welcome him.

Hero Arenas

Hero Arenas, love of 'em hate 'em? Come to the forums and talk about 'em!

Hail loyal soldiers of Ascalon! It is Prince Rurik here with this week's tip:

Don't forget your 30 attribute points awarded from quests for PvE characters (PvP characters automatically receive them). Two quests exist in each campaign that award characters 15 attribute points each that can only be completed by characters in that campaign.

Prophecy characters have to wait until they reach Skyward Reach and Droknar's Forge to get their additional points while Factions can find their quests in Ran Musu Gardens & Seitung Harbor and Nightfall in the Sunspear Great Hall at earlier levels.

Featured Content:

Guild Wars 2 developer Colin Johanson released a new developer diary last week talking about how Guild Wars 2 will have "dynamic events." The world itself will be alive and events will be driven by the players. Promises like these have been made before but can ArenaNet live up to the hype? We take a look at this and a lot more in the latest coverage of Guild Wars 2.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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