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An official Aion launch date puts an end to the speculation fueled by pre-order retailer ship dates. What are Aion's chances of making it's late September date? We read the tea leaves (or maybe consult the Daeva of Fortunetelling) and explore Age of Conan's Update 5 which went a-live today in Loading... Aion release date and AoC 1.05.

Ten Ton Hammer's webcomics are a sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing look at the latest happenings in geekdom. Bill Murphy riffs on Brad McQuaid's already troubled comeback in Geeked: Seriously, Brad?

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Two exciting bits of news today. First, NCSoft announced that the Aion release date would not be 9/1 or 9/4 as pre-order retailers were suggesting, but 9/22 for the US and 9/25 for Europe. Release dates are for the slipping, but for a game as thoroughly tested not just with beta but as a live game in Asia as well, I think our chances are pretty good on seeing Aion show up at its appointed time.

That said, can anyone explain to me why we have separate launch dates for different regions? In terms of an MMO launch, three days might as well be a month. I've asked publisher execs this question and received many a haughtily disapproving look over the ribbon-smoke of an upscale cigarette, but never a satisfying answer. The tangled web of European licensing -with the lingual, legal, and customs barriers, differering cultural boundaries for content, and mounds of nonsensibcal red tape to cut through - is undoubtedly a tough road to hoe. But certainly three months is enough lead time to get this sort of thing cleared up in advance? Or do European distributors use some kind of US launch +3 formula to determine release dates? In any case, thank goodness for pre-order head starts and the occasional date confusion of digital distribution partners.

It's probably fashionable for non-NA gamers to think it has something to do with powerful American retailer hegemony behaving stereotypically, wanting a little something extra for their customers. But I can't see it: what would a Best Buy or GameStopped care about getting the jump on Benelux retailers? It's not exactly their target market. I'm guessing that, like so many of the world's problems, the reason boils down to a bunch of stiff suits somewhere making trouble for everyone for no good reason.

Speaking of Europe gone wild, Funcom released the major Age of Conan Update 5 featuring re-worked class feat-trees, simplified stats for items, social pets, a newly revamped gems (socketed item) system, and a new high-level quest and content area in the seedy underbelly of Conan's capital city: Tarantia Commons. Game Director Craig Morrison hinted at guild gameplay improvements and high level PvE and PvP content additions in Update 6, as well as more news on the AoC expansion at GameCom and PAX in August in his latest Letter from the Game Director. I'm glad to see Conan make something of a resurgence lately and, personally, might re-up my subscription this weekend between betas and see what I can see post-Tortage. Send me an email if you might be interested in doing the same, maybe we can put something together.

Comments on Aion's launch date, European distibutor/operator hijnx, or AoC 1.05? Have your say in the Loading... forum, and don't forget to grab your keys from our Ultimate Soccer Boss and WonderKing Online giveaways! We only have a limited number and when they're gone, (you guessed it) they're gone.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our Final Fantasy XIV Forum

Beta this fall?

So, it's only speculation until it's true, right?

"Ralsu" Gourley, our main site writer, is undoubtedly Ten Ton Hammer's
resident Final Fantasy geek. That's why I wasn't surprised to see that
he'd uncovered a rumor suggesting that FF XIV's beta may begin as early
as September. What does surprise me is that no one has commented on
it...yet. Are you primed for an FF XIV beta? Do you think the rumor has
merit? Discuss!

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

GM positions seem to start in September. IF they are for FFXIV, you
don't need GMs without testers. At the very least, it may point to an
internal test in 4th quarter 2009 transitioning into a closed beta in
Q1 2010.

Yes? No?

- Ralsu

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