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To twist an old adage, nothing is inevitable except death, taxes, and patches. We'll discuss the latter two in today's Loading... With the arrival of WoW 3.1 yesterday and the new pre-patching scheme, everything went smoothly and the WoW fanbase was able to log in on time and enjoy dual-speccing and all the great things the patch offered, right? Not so much. We'll leave the discussion of the patch ins and outs to those who know, but who should bear the responsibility of delivering a patch, the developer or the community? That, plus exclusive Free Realms concepts, a DC Universe Online opinion piece, three new WoW guides, one LotRO guide, and much more await you in Loading... Death and Patches

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Happy tax day to one and all. Since I'm technically a freelancer and effectively pay four times the national average for my income bracket due to the self-employment tax, multiple other fees, taxes, and licenses, plus (my favorite) a local business privilege tax, April is not a happy time of year. You can't wait to see how much your refund is, I dread whether my quarterly estimates will be enough to cover the butcher's bill this year or whether I'll have penalties to pay too. Nothing changes your views on things like no-questions-asked corporate welfare payouts like writing multiple thousand dollar checks to the government on a quarterly basis. Enough on that.

WoW 3.1 has arrived and, now that all's quiet on the offline servers front, everyone's busy dual-speccing and making plans for Ulduar. Almost everyone. I'm still trying one mirror site after another to find the OS X patch file (we have the PC patch here if you still need it, and I'll post the Mac patch too ASAP). I respect what Blizzard was trying to do with the multi-part prepatching, but whoever designed the Blizzard downloader must have worked at Steam - it continually stalls out. Please don't send me links to the Blizzard firewall setup page, the only firewall I keep running is on my router and I refuse to make swiss cheese of the port forwarding settings for everybody's own little patcher, for they are legion. I'm beginning to understand why people are looking foward to the first great console MMO - at least we won't have to play all the angles for a patch.

Remember the good old days when a game would unceremoniously update itself? No elaborate torrent-driven nonsense port forwarding schemes, or mirror sites? Just "here's your file, and we say thank ya for your monthly subscription fee." What's particularly agonizing is that the technology is out there to do it better than ever before, and yet the Big B insists that the community download the patch from one way or another.

And if developers like CCP can afford it, Blizzard certainly can too. I remember yawning my way through an EVE Online FanFest panel on the Windows BITS protocol and the elaborate Content Delivery Network had in place to distribute future expansions. Trinity and Apocrypha were larger than WoW patch 3.1 and these updates were delivered smoothly (and went 1 for 2 in not deleting boot.ini) without deconstructing the router.. Granted CCP has a much smaller audience to update, but I was made to understand that the scheme would scale beautifully worldwide. Usually I'd praise Blizzard's business sense - everyone knows they have beaucoup money and probably can't get a reasonable quote on this sort of thing, but there's some things you shouldn't depend on the commuinity for or compromise on, period. Like patch distribution.

Anyone else have a less than pleasant patching experience in WoW or in any other game? Am I just grouchy because it's April 15th? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum, or send me an email!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our WoW Rant Forum

WoW does it again

World of Warcraft players Tuesday was a big day--WoW patch 3.1
arrived. Has this highly-anticipated bundle of MMOG joy, which was to
come complete with a new dual spec feature for level capped characters,
lived up to expectations? It was hard to tell last night when the WoW
servers were still offline.

"Why am I not surprised?" our community member, blitzshark, asks. "Another big patch and yet another big
disappointment. You would think by now Blizzard would have learned how
to release a patch without crashing servers and other issues. Guess I
won't be playing until tomorrow. Some days I wonder if my money would be
better spent elsewhere."

offline servers mean that Blizzard and patch 3.1 are full of suck no
matter what great content the patch may contain? Or is patience a
virtue? Maybe you will have patched, logged in, and played by the time
you read today's Epic Thread. Regardless of your status, head over to
our forums to share your opinions on 3.1.

Epic Quote from the Epic Thread

"What's the big deal? A few hours of not being able to play. Hardly
earth-shattering or something to whine about. On the other hand, if
there's issues a week from now then your post would have some validity

- Maegwynn


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