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The Pulse

First, you vote with what you view at Ten Ton Hammer, and the result is the Ten Ton Hammer Pulse (What is Pulse?). What a weird day in the Pulse, as news of a newly revamped, soloer-friendly Lavastorm helped EQ2 climb the charts.

Here's the top 5 MMORPGs today:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. EverQuest 2 (UP 6)
  3. Age of Conan (UP 1)
  4. Warhammer Online (down 2)
  5. Lord of the Rings Online (down 2)

Here are the biggest movers in the Top 20 today:

  1. Ultima Online (UP 18 to #15)
  2. Everquest (UP 17 to #14)
  3. Star Trek Online (UP 15 to #17)

Loading... Daily

Loading... MMO news and commentary from 32,000 feet above sea level.

Air travel is the real world's answer to the pickup group, it usually starts out bad and can only get worse. But like cafeteria food, its the bad something must of us occasionally have to deal with and thus makes excellent material. But when the PR agent described this particular trip as a "kamikaze" - by which I think she meant a coast-to-coast late night arrival with a red-eye the next day - I should have known I was in trouble.

I could never outdo the typical Boomjack airplane story; I've been mostly spared persons of immense girth with poor hygeine and colicky infants as seatmates on overseas flights, thankfully. I do get the unaccompanied minor to entertain and provide kleenex to on occasion, which is why I keep The Princess Bride (the universal movie), the complete Voltron and Avatar series on my ipod and carry and extra set of throwaway headphones (the kind that come with everything). Ah, the electronic babysitter of our generation.

True, there's the occasional (and largely mythical) upgrade to first class, which is the airlines' way of saying thank you, frequent travelers, for not collectively reverting to 19th century means of travel. In my several dozen flights, it happened once (I think as karma-level compensation for one particularly meanspirited unaccompanied minor), but it only proved to me that first class isn't nearly worth paying double. I was expecting the Roman emperor treatment - fed grapes and fanned by beautiful women sprawled out on a comfortable divan, or at least the ability to point the booklight down from its cornea-separating angle - and got a few inches of elbow room, free food and drinks (no complaints there), and a mid-level executive that had to do the prostate shuffle every tick of the watch for a seatmate. Better, but not worth the extra grand.

So here I am in San Francisco for the City of Heroes Mission Architect event, two hours late in arriving and with less than 20 hours before I do it all in reverse, and this time with a Chicago O'Hare connection /shudder.

So since my time here is short, so must be Loading... For a newsletter of substance, I recommend our weekly WoW newsletter, The Overpull. Jay "Medeor" Johnson used to cover MMO news on the Ten Ton Hammer main site, now he reviews the week in WoW with plenty of humor and insight. New issues come out every Tuesday, so it's a perfect time to jump in.

Comments, questions, or maybe you want to be completely awesome and use my frequent flyer number on your next flight? Head to the Loading... forum or email me some Paypal for a $7 "snack box".

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"Will I be able to make out with Wonder Woman?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll try and think of a proper question now.

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