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Today's Loading... looks at Modern Warfare 2 and asks these questions: have first-person shooters become the nexus of cooperative gameplay, and why does every recently released RPG (MMO or otherwise) lack co-op gameplay until the highest level, if at all? That and two new key giveaways in today's Loading... The Uncooperative RPG.

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I have a confession to make, I've cheated on MMORPGs for the past week. I'll always come home to MMOs, of course, because not-so-massively multiplayer games, however exquisitely crafted, always come to a premature end or begin feeling lonesome. But games like Torchlight, Borderlands, Uncharted 2, DragonAge: Origins, and Modern Warfare 2 are just too good to pass up, and it's fun to try and blind my critic's gimlet eye and enjoy games on their own terms. Playing a bunch of games in rapid succession offers a certain amount of perspective, and since we're all gamers here I hope you won't mind me asking this genre-ambivalent question: have first-person shooters become the nexus of cooperative gameplay, and why does every recently released RPG, MMO or otherwise, lack co-op gameplay until the highest level (if at all)?

Having just finished the single-player campaign of MW2 last night, I wasn't disappointed with the heavily scripted nature of the game. If there's one lesson that every single-player game has learned since Gears of War, it's that a gaming-on-rails experience delivers cinematic entertainment that you just can't find in any other game. The game's most controversial scene, an stomach-churning Tarantino-esque airport massacre, failed to ruffle me simply because of how it turned out in the end, and if you haven't played it I'm not going to be the spoiler, for once. If anything, you were left thinking of what you'd do as a deep cover agent, but the effect would have been amplified had the game story established why you needed to be where you were in the first place. The vérité style was also sometimes muted by inopportune deaths, i.e. taking a comedic header into a fencepost through the string-section tremelo of a climatic snowmobile jump, but death is probably the one intransigent boundary that separates games-on-rails from movies.

As for the rest of the game, it was over almost before I knew it. Wonder of wonders, I even had to think once instead of just react when I realized that shooting out a pair of spotlights prevented my being machinegunned into giblets. I did this all on my own, I'm proud to say, none of the ever-present audio cues tipped me off (though I maintain that automagically delicious audio cues are something more fast-paced MMOs could do a better job with, in general).

But even as World of Warcraft, with diminishing raid sizes and an increasingly cliquish, bring-your-own-friends community, continues to become more multiplayer than MMO, the persistent qualities and co-operative nature of MMORPGs continues to sneak its way into FPS gaming. Continuing a trend that Left 4 Dead began, the biggest secret of Borderlands is that it's roughly fifteen times as fun playing as a co-op team, even allowing split-screen, and the talent tree is ripped straight from the RPG. MW2 multiplayer continues to use ranks and unlockables, and Spec Ops provides co-operative challenges that are a lot more compelling for players like me than an endless cycle of respawns occasioned by competitive play.

As I continue to struggle with the highly unintuitive, practially TBS-ish stop-and-start DragonAge: Origins (PC) gameplay and tactics system (and inability to queue actions), I really wish BioWare would have adopted a co-op feature. There are plenty of complications, of course - shared inventory and decision-making, for starters. But shared decision making, for one, is a problems they'll eventually have to solve for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As great as the story of DA:O is, it would be even more fun if shared among friends. Likewise for Torchlight, but we'll give Runic Games a pass since they already have a Torchlight MMO in the works.

So why is it that FPSs are suddenly doing a better job with co-op gameplay than RPGs? Is dynamic storytelling too complex to be shared among friends, and how does this bode for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Share your thoughts right here in
the Loading

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