BlizzCON Wrap-up

By John "Boomjack" Hoskin

BlizzCON 2007 was quite possibly the best event I have ever
attended, and I have attended a few. Hopefully our coverage lived up to
your expectations and gave you a glimpse of the event if you were
unable to attend. Below is a list of our coverage. If you play World of
Warcraft or if you simply love the MMOG industry do yourself a favour,
grab a coffee and experience the event through our eyes.


  • target="_blank">Wrath of the Lich King Overview
  • target="_blank">Class Discussion Panel
  • target="_blank">Professions and Items Discussion Panel
  • target="_blank">PvP Discussion Panel
  • target="_blank">Raid and Dungeon Discussion Panel
  • target="_blank">Northrend Discussion


  • target="_blank">Wrath of the Lich King Discussion Panel
  • target="_blank">Wrath of the Lich King Player Q&A
  • target="_blank">Death Knight Discussion With Tom Chilton
  • target="_blank">Fan First Impressions of the Expansion
  • target="_blank">Lake Wintergrasp - Open PvP
  • target="_blank">Northrend's Capital
  • target="_blank">Dragonblight
  • target="_blank">Grizzly Hills
  • target="_blank">Northrend
  • target="_blank">Borean Tundra
  • target="_blank">Howling Fjord

Photo Galleries

  • target="_blank">Image Gallery Overview
  • target="_blank">Costumes and Characters

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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