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The social implications of online gaming, no doubt, reach far.
The medium itself exposes us for the social creatures we are. There are
few other games, though, that do it like style="font-style: italic;">A Tale in the Desert.
Today we take a look at the game, and explore the aspects that make
this title one of the most important in the MMOG space. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/jul/13">
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Perhaps one of the most interesting MMOG titles in recent history is style="font-style: italic;">A Tale in the Desert.
It doesn't boast top-end graphics. It doesn't have a heart-pounding
combat system. There are no dungeons to crawl though. So what makes it
so interesting? The entire world has been completely shaped by its

eGenesis' free game is, by all definitions, a large scale social
experiment. At various intervals the system administrator will
introduce new elements into the world, and it's up to the players to
decide how they'll respond. For instance, last year a strange man
showed up in the land selling a special fertilizer. The players thought
this to be a wonderful asset, so they soon began production of the
fertilizer and spread it all across the land. Players were using it on
all their property. Unbeknown to them the fertilizer eventually ruined
the land. So, after a while, the once harvestable areas in which they
grew their food could no longer produce anything, and they had to leave
the area and find new fertile soil.

That's not all that stands out about this game. When I mentioned the
world is shaped by its players, I also meant quite literally. When you
start the game, you have nothing but the shirt on your back. So what
can you do? Pick grass. Yes, that's right. You start the game by
picking grass and gathering stones. You can also gather mud. You can
then dry the grass and lay the mud and grass onto the stones to form
bricks. You can then use the bricks to build other structures and tools
which will help you build more tools and structures. For the past
several years the entire world has been developed by the players of the
game who have advanced their technology together, as a community. There
are now towers and giant monuments across the land, as well as an
aqueduct system that spans for miles upon miles.

The developers include player wishes as well. There are ways to create
a petition. If enough players sign the petition, in game, it can become
a bill, and a law. Democracy at its finest. The team isn't opposed to
adding in new elements to the game as the players become more creative
and their needs and world grow.

It's truly a fascinating game, even to watch as it develops. Every so
often a new tale will start, so while retaining elements and story from
the previous tale, the world becomes new and fresh all over again and
it becomes anyone's guess as to where they will all end up. eGenesis
announced that A
Tale in the Desert 5 is about to begin
, so there's no time
like the present to check it out for yourself. 

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F5, F5, F5! Another wave of Final Fantasy XIV beta invites has gone
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non-disclosure agreement you would have had to digitally sign. But
whether you did or you didn't get that elusive email, you can href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=52291">chat
with others waiting for beta in our FFXIV forums.


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"I know that it is no
real consolation, but this is apparently only the first wave of invites.

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Microcosms: Breaking the
Mold – A Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Review


would you do if you launched a AAA MMOG based on the most recognizable
IP in the roleplaying world and it fell well short of expectations?
While many companies would simply pull the plug and cut their losses,
Turbine had other plans. Taking perhaps the boldest move in the history
of gaming, the company took one of its flagship subscription-based
games and opened it to the masses as a free-to-play funded mainly by
microtransactions. Is DDOU really a full fledged free-to-play game or
an elaborate trial attempting to gain your subscription money? Join
Jason Bolton this week as he dives in and gets all the answers in
Microcosms: Breaking the Mold.

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