I've been on the hunt for some new Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 for a while. I'm relatively new to the game, and haven't heard of most. Fortunately, Mesa Sean has put a snappy little video together that goes over his Exotic weapons of choice to use in Shadowkeep. It's important to note that these don't all come from Shadowkeep, and some have been available for quite a while. That might mean you have to move away from the Moon to grab them, buy them directly off Xur when they become available or from an Exotic Engram. Here's his list of favorites, with the Graviton Lance looking ridiculously valuable for farming in PvE. 

1. Graviton Lance - Amazing for clearing enemies thanks to Cosmology. Its ability to cause multiple AOE explosions after a kill makes it invaluable at cutting through large groups of enemies. Grab it from Xur or an Exotic Engram.

2. Sweet Business - Undoubtedly fun to use, and bringing particular value in heavily populated areas. Its wind-up time combined with its accuracy ensures you can cut down enemies with ease, for a fairly lengthy period of time. It's also ridiculously enjoyable to use in PvP. Grab it from Xur or an Exotic Engram.

The Sunshot, in all its glory.

3. Sunshot - Recently buffed with an increased magazine size, the Sunshot performs very well, until you get your hands on Ancient Gospel. The AOE explosion thanks to Sub Blast is great, its kick-back managable, and the fact you no longer have to reload constantly makes it a powerful Exotic to wield. Grab it from Exotic Engrams, or pray on a very rare world-drop rate.

4. The Huckleberry - Its Perk, Ride the Bull allows The Huckleberry to partially reload its clip when you kill an enemy. Considering the abundance of opponents in Shadowkeep, and if combined with Rampage, it's tons of fun and never requires you to reload. Grab it from Exotic or Luminous Engrams. 

5. Monte Carlo - Incredibly fun for a melee focused build, the Monte Carlo has two native Perks that allow it to reduce the cooldown of your melee ability, but also boost the damage of your weapon from melee kills. Effectively, the more you shoot people, the more you'll be able to use your melee, for overall increased damage. Melee kills also provide ammunition, meaning that you can play particularly aggressively and get up-close and personal. Grab it from Exotic Engrams, or pray on a very rare world-drop rate.

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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2019

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