Pinnacle drops in Destiny 2 now provide +2 power instead of +1.  Not a big deal right? Or is it?

Paul Tassi at Forbes has a great article up from a veteran player's point of view.    In 'Was Destiny 2’s +2 Change To Pinnacle Drops A Mistake?' Paul makes some great points, many of which have been out in the wild even to New Light players like myself.   

The big points that we've discussed here previously are that it was almost impossible to hit 960 power with +1 drops since you needed to get the correct slot drop to push up your power level.  Getting four chest +1 pieces in a row was agitating to say the least. 

Surely upping the drops to +2 would solve the problem.  

It did, sort of, kind of, maybe.   There is no question that players can not hit the 960 mark quicker.  It's just math.   The current complaint from some players is that it is now too fast.   

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As a New Light player I'm still stumbling through the game, figuring out how to do some things that seem simple to a Veteran and finding weapons, etc. that I would like to grind for.   Veterans don't have those small joys and little successes.  For some  the grind to 960 is their main goal and making it so much easier took a lot of their joy away.  

As a new player I don't know what armor sets I should be grinding for or even in some cases what roll is better than another.  I'm going in blind, researching and hoping that I get it right.  If I don't... no big deal... I play some more.  

Veterans and end-game players don't have that luxury.   They know what they want.  They go get it and then.... what do they do?

This is the eternal battle that game developers fight.   They attempt to please both the people who play the game 10 hours a day and know it inside out and the players who are new, just getting their feet wet.   It's an impossible battle frankly.  What appeals most to one is more often than not boring for the other.    Finding middle ground doesn't give either type of player what they want.   

The season is almost over and right now players don't know if the 960 cap will go up or if that's it next season.   Do they grind it out or not?   

What are you doing?  Are you a veteran or a newbie?  Do tell!


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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019

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