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Nicholas the Traveler is located at: Sparkfly Swamp? (Eye of the North) collecting 2 Amphibian Tongues (available off the nearby frog men).

This week the big news was the Personal Stories - a telling of your own story instead of the main linear story most MMOGs have. That's the big GW2 news for the week. It seems now we're in a comfortable pattern of a big reveal every week or two - which is a good thing.

Of course, on the GW1 front we have some good news for current players. ArenaNet has taken to the offensive in order to ban many botting players.

ArenaNet wants your opinion on GW2 merchandising. So feel free to click that link and find your way over to their site and share your opinion.

This Week in Tyria

Community Spotlight

Anthropology of GW2

A thread discussing the lore and history of the races in GW2.

Skill Change System

Talk about skill changing within GW2

Hail loyal soldiers of Ascalon! It is Prince Rurik here with this week's tip:

Henchmen and Heroes are fun companions while ridding Ascalon of the Charr or escaping across icy mountains, but they do have their own free will. That's why it's important to call targets to let them know who you want to fight.

You can press CTRL then any attack skill to call a target. Henchmen and Heroes within range will all assist you to bring that target down which is mighty helpful for enemy healers. It even works well while in a group! You can use the default key "T" to target someone else's call or use calls to target an enemy for a spike.

Featured Content:

War has broken out in Guild Wars with the Shining Blade declaring war against the oppressive White Mantle. The Shining Blade is currently building up forces in order to begin the assault against the White Mantle in the latest series of the Guild Wars Beyond updates. Kryta is in a state of conflict right now and it’s up to brave adventurers like you to come in and intervene.

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The Many Reasons to Return to Guild Wars

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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