Ten Ton Hammer's Beginner's Guide for LotRO - Where Should I Be Questing At My Level?

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Tips for New Players: Where Should I Be Questing At My Level?

Middle-Earth is a big place, and it keeps getting bigger as new content packages are added to the Lord of the Rings Online. With the recent announcement that new updates would be decoupled from the epic quest line updates, new areas and quest packs can be added regularly. But as the world grows and new players join in, many for the first time and with little or no previous knowledge of the game or the setting, the progression from start to finish can be a bit confusing. The game does not advance in a straight line; moving from one area to the next adjacent region can see massive leaps in mob levels. So the question often arises: "Where should I be questing at my level?"

There are a number of ways to answer this question. It really depends on how the player is playing the game: is he chasing levels and trying to get to 65 as quickly as possible? Is he on F2P where he has to purchase each new area with Turbine Points? Is he taking things slowly and trying to absorb as much of the game as possible before moving on to someplace new and exciting? For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that the player is looking for the best XP from quests for that level range, with an XP-heavy balance between time spent on quests and overall difficulty for speedy, efficient leveling. In this case, the player will want to do mostly white, yellow or orange quests, and move on when the quests are blue, teal or green. Epic book quests can be done as you go.

Again, it must be stressed: this is for fast leveling. A lot of people prefer to do all the quests and deeds in an area, regardless of level, before moving on to somewhere else. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that approach - players who do this usually have more money and Turbine Points than speedsters and questing will be easier. But since they are seldom the ones asking where they should be questing at a given level, this guide is not for them. Furthermore, this guide may not be practical for Free-to-Play players, as it will be necessary to purchase costly quest packs and the hard pace does not allow much time for earning the points to buy them. Leveling "point-farmer" alts will help accumulate points faster, but in lieu of that I have made some alternate suggestions where possible. Also note that fast leveling does not earn a character very much money. You should get enough to train all your skills and buy a horse, but don't plan on lavish spending.

To figure out where you should be at your level, find the appropriate range on the list below and follow the link to find more information.

Level Range:

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