The Best Destiny 2 PvE Weapons

The current Destiny 2 PvE weapon Tier List is based on the meta, weapon strengths and personal use.  Because this list is weighted based on what is being used most in PvE newer weapons tend to show up frequently on the list.  Different situations also require different weapons.  This is an overall look at what is currently performing well based on community and personal use. 

NOTE: I weight the use of the community higher than I weight my own preference.   If weapons are ranked closely on my list I always give the nod to the community.   


Wish-Ender stays in the #1 spot.   I personally prefer Steelfeather Repeater.  It just "feels" right to me and use it over Wish-Ender, but the community says otherwise.  

Breachlight falls off the top 10.  It's probably time.  I haven't been pulling it out, preferring other weapons, so I'm on the same page as the community. 

Patron of Lost Causes jumps up to #7.   My Patron of Lost Causes Review and God Roll article has been well received.  Let me know what you think. 

Blast Furnace joins the list for the first time.  Many consider this the best pulse rifle in the game right now. 

  1. Wish-Ender
  2. Steelfeather Repeater
  3. The Mountaintop (Up 6)
  4. No Turning Back (DOWN 1)
  5. Bygones (UP 5)
  6. Randy's Throwing Knife (DOWN 1)
  7. Patron of Lost Causes
  8. Izanagi's Burden 
  9. Cold Front 
  10. Blast Furnace


The Recluse holds on the #1 spot, but Devil's Ruin joins the list at #2.  The community loves Devil's Ruin and so do I.   I was non-plussed by the gun at first, but the more I use it the more I like it, especially in Sundial.  

Something had to go and it was Erianna's Vow.   A fun gun to use, but not as much fun as Devil's Ruin. 

  1. The Recluse
  2. Devil's Ruin
  3. Symmetry
  4. Sunshot 
  5. Riskrunner 
  6. Subtle Calamity 
  7. Fighting Lion 
  8. Outlast
  9. Arsenic Bite-4b
  10. Oxygen SR


Zenobia-D drops off the list based on community use replaced by Pyroclastic Flow. 

  1. 21% Delirium
  2. Hammerhead
  3. Avalanche
  4. Wendigo GL3
  5. Edgewise
  6. Black Talon
  7. Thunderlord 
  8. Love and Death 
  9. Bad Omens
  10. Zenobia-D

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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2020

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