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Updated December 11, 2019

New Destiny 2 Editorial and Commentary

Written Destiny 2 Content

Always entertaining and informative, Paul Tassi over at Forbes has put his thoughts to virtual paper in 'Destiny 2' Season of Dawn Day 1: Yesterday Alone Was Worth $10.  I agree with every point Paul makes and I'm a relative neophyte.  The first day was awesome. There is so much to do it's a bit overwhelming, but it will all come together and straight-line for players in time.  

In other news, Bungie banned the Dynamo Mod a mere 3-hours into Season of Dawn.

They also confirmed (again) that just because we can save Saint-14 it doesn't mean that Cayde-6 is coming back.  They have made it clear that Cayde-6 will not return


New Destiny 2 Guides


One time-consuming bounty in Season of Dawn is to collect material in the EDZ.   Brutal.  We came up with the Fastest and Easiest Way to Collect Material In EDZ. You're welcome

The good folks at PCGamer.com have a complete list of Season of Dawn Exotics and Eververse Items

On the flip-side is VG247.com which has posted every Ritual weapon available in Season of Dawn.  You have some grinding to do my friends!

Updated December 10, 2019

New Destiny 2 Editorial and Commentary

Written Destiny 2 Content

Our Season of Dawn Patch Notes and Warnings article covers what you need to know before jumping into the new season.  Paul Tassi over at Forbes also has his take on the launch and the warnings in, "Destiny 2 Issues Several Key Warnings Ahead of Season of Dawn Launch."   Likewise, PlayStation Blog,  and Express have their own takes on the same information.

Looking for the unlock time in your region?  VG247 has Destiny 2: Season of Dawn unlock times across all regions


Byf the loremaster tell us how the world is going to end.  Always entertaining stuff. 

MoreConsole reads the patch notes for those of you who prefer not to read. 

CammyCakes Gaming Acquires Unbroken Title on F2P Account

New Destiny 2 Guides

Zero, Zilch, Nada.  Everyone is priming for Season of Dawn I guess. 

Updated December 9, 2019

New Destiny 2 Editorial and Commentary

Written Destiny 2 Content

Forbes continues its excellent coverage of Destiny 2 with "Destiny 2’s Tiny Season Of Dawn Power Increase Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Sense" by Paul Tassi.   Paul makes some great points about the low power level increase and if it is a wise design choice. 

Forbes also has "Vex Offensive And More: Everything Leaving ‘Destiny 2’ When The Season Of The Undying Ends" by Dave Thier.  Tomorrow the changes take place.  Our own Everything That is Leaving Destiny 2 on December 10th.

TheSixthAxis reminds players that Destiny 2 season pass holders can skip the grind with unloved characters.  They also point-form the roadmap for Season of Dawn. You can view a graphical version of the Season of Dawn calendar created by the talented Niris


Myelin Games has a video up titled, 10 Things you DIDN'T know about Saint-14!   The "didn't" is important.  We know this because they put it in all capitals. 

New Destiny 2 Guides

The Best Sniper in Destiny 2 - Mtashed

The Forgotten Beast Sniper - Geekermon

Best Weapons to Use in Season of Dawn - KackisHD

Did we miss any important news or guides?  If so, please send them our way!  

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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019

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