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It was with a mixture of joy and sheer terror that I accepted John “Boomjack” Hoskin’s offer to take over his daily column daily, starting today. This will always be the newsletter that John built, and we’ll be sure to get him back for a guest column occasionally, along with other great guest columnists.

That said, the introductions and hazing are complete, so let’s start Loading…

Football - and I don’t mean soccer - is our weekend obsession in the fall here in the US, and if you like to see the underdog prevail against all odds, it was a great weekend to be a football fan. Four of the top ten ranked college teams fell to lower-ranked or unranked teams, and the trend continued in the pros on Sunday with KC and Washington pulling out upset victories against previously unbeaten opponents.

At Ten Ton Hammer, the success we’ve enjoyed has been something of an upset. Over the four years I’ve been with the network - something like a lifetime in Internet years - I’ve watched promising games come and go, we’ve surpassed competing sites that seemed at first unbeatable, and in all that time we’ve kept our core team intact and steadily improved our site, forums, and content consist. Likewise, many of the active folks in our community and forums have been with us for years, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t first thank all of you - writers, contributors, and longtime community members - for teaming up with us for the long haul.

Whether or not you consider Warhammer Online’s 500k subs in the first week an upset victory as well, WAR players have enjoyed a very smooth launch and a game that emphatically delivered on all its gameplay promises. Server imbalances and queues, however, continue to be a problem. In an exclusive Mark Jacobs interview last week, we learned that in addition to cloned servers, Mythic would allow free character transfers if server populations don’t level out.

Continuing on, Mark said that as advantage in numbers doesn't necessarily equal victory:

In terms of ongoing balance, it's important for people to understand that just because you're outnumbered on a server, doesn't mean that the other guys are going to win. That's the beauty of this; you can have Destruction have 20% more people than you, but in scenarios you can still kick their butt. Even in open RvR; if you go back to the Camelot days, how many times did the underpowered realm - in terms of numbers - win? It was all the time.

It remains to be seen how the numbers game plays out in higher level keep and siege RvR play, but one thing about PvP remains true in every game, an organized, experienced force will beat out a disorganized one every single time. If the Order underdogs can start overcoming the numbers gap with grit and saavy, upsets will be the order of the day, and numbers won’t be a problem for long.

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From our WAR: General Discussion Forum

So, what are we all hoping for in the first content patches?

Online has been unleashed on the MMOG gaming world, and Barbarious
thought it a good time to ask what WAR players are hoping for in the
early (and inevitable) content patches. Are you in the "fix what's
broken" crowd; or do you have some slicker ideas for what should
lie ahead as WAR goes from work-in-development to ongoing

Awesome Quote from the Epic Thread:

"Realistic wishes: a bit more variety in the armor and more plentiful tokens." - Swayne

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