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The Year In EVE Guides (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Tue, Jan 03, 2012 by Space Junkie

Before we stride boldly into the future, it behooves us to pause a moment and see what has come before. What follows is an overview of all of the Ten Ton Hammer EVE Online guides published during 2011. If you are looking to learn about EVE Online, this is probably the guide for you.

eve online guide crucible expansion

Introductory Guides

This guides deal with introducing new players to EVE Online, or re-introducing older players to a game that has changed since they spent time away.

What Is EVE Online? An introduction for players that are curious about EVE Online, which is pretty much the premier science fiction MMO game.

The EVE Forums: An overview of the official EVE Online forums. Because EVE has such an intense meta-game, communicating with other players is critical.

Five Fun Activities For Newbies: Some simple activities that new players can do without overmuch reading or prepartion. Just be sure to do the tutorial, first!

Playing EVE Online For Free: In a world of free-to-play and pay-to-win MMOs, EVE Online's financial model can prove confusing. This guide explains how playing EVE for free works.

Ten Things For Veteran Players In The Crucible Expansion: EVE Online's most recent free expansion has a lot to offer to returning players. Check out this guide and see if it might not be time to come back.

EVE Online Mission Guides

Missions are perhaps the most common day to day activity for EVE Online players. These guides help you run missions intelligently, to earn more ISK in the long-term and shorten the grind to the lucrative level four missions.

Guide To EVE Missions: An introductory guide to running missions in EVE Online. A great overview for new players looking to start earning ISK.

Grinding Caldari Standings (Part 1, Part 2): A guide to shortening the all-important grind for access to higher missions, with regards to the popular Caldari NPC faction.

Best EVE Agents: Lai Dai: Lai Dai is a Caldari-aligned NPC corporation that specializes in research and development. Read this guide to find out why they are one of the best corporations to run missions for.

FAQ: Missions: Some simple yet common questions about running missions for pirates, and how mission pay compares to other activities.

FAQ: Ratting: A guide to killing NPCs for their ISK bounties. Some handy advice for players living out in null-sec.

Changes To Mission Agents: A summary of some major changes made to EVE Online's mission agent system that will be very handy to players returning after a year away from EVE. New players can skip this one.


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